Chess in Slum: Education outside the classroom

Tunde Onakoya, the brain behind chess in Slum initiative, today welcomed the Canadian High commissioner at Oshodi Under bridge, Lagos State.

Everyday for two weeks, we taught these children how to play chess and our mantra.

We made them believe that it was possible to do great things from a small place, Tunde said.

Last year, Tunde Onakoya started teaching “Area boys” under Oshodi Under bridge the game of Chess.

With the support of the ones we subconsciously tag “deplorable criminals”. We refer to them as scourge of the society.

The chess in slum initiative was successful, they were critical to the entire success of the project.
On the 14th of December 2021, which was the last day of the Chess tournament at Oshodi Under bridge, Lagos exposed a lot of brain among the “area boys”.

After training fifty one boys out of the “area boys” , they engaged in series of competition among themselves.

Oshodi “area boys” changed drastically from terrifying humans to cool – headed brings after Tunde Onakoya introduced Chess in Slum under the bridge

They became popular after the intervention of Tunde and game of Chess.

Earlier today, Tuesday 1st of March 2022, Oshodi Under bridge welcomed the Canadian High commissioner, Kevin Tokar and a crew of Canadian sailors.

Tunde in his words, said, “ We received the Canadian High commissioner, Kevin Tokar and eight sailors from the HMCS.

They visited the fearful Oshodi Under bridge to participate in the Chess tournament with the children.

A Nigerian teen, Jamiu Ninilowo won the tournament.

The High commissioner was astounded by the incredible potential he saw in the lives of the children.
He said to Tunde, “ this is a life changing experience for me”.

Witnesses at the tournament confessed that if anyone ever told them that Oshodi Under bridge could provide such greatness, they may not have totally believed.

Lastly, the transformation that happened to Oshodi area boys is unimaginable.

Tunde said, education out of classroom with Chess is a great success. Chess can change the world and it did.


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