“See finish” is a word commonly used by speakers of Nigeria pidgin, to represent a situation where a person loses or has lost his/ her respect from one or more people due to prolong proximity. “See finish is a form of indirect disrespect used when people knows your deepest secrets or flaws, either as a result of loose mouth or coincidence.

An instance of “see finish” can be seen in the attitudes of younger ones, age groups, friends, colleagues or neighbors. Assuming you live in a face me and face you apartment and every blessed day, You’re always out of salt, Maggie, or matches, and known to knock on doors with a devilish smile, begging for seasoning. With time, you’ll be tagged as “beggie – beggie”, even if you’re not there to beg. Each time they sight you, they’ll start cackling and giggling like three fingers from wrong turn, with the nickname on their lips, “beggie – beggie”, that one nah see finish.

As a lady, you are always in your friend’s wardrobe, trying different clothes while Awwwning like a Zombie Baby glad at the sight of bloody brain. So, you now expect Amanda, a young lady to respect you with smiles on her face, while you bundle away bags of clothes like thief in the day. You turned your friend’s house to Boutique, my dear, Amanda will point to you and say “that’s the aunty that always do shopping in my sister’s room”. That’s another “see finish”.

Not only that, only you seven relationships in a year, Hana! When your friend’s start talk about love, you decided to school your mouth into matter weh no concern you. Now, they don call you wife of Bath and King’s Solomon’s successor, you deh vex. Why Dem no go call you names? They don see you finish, my dear. Go and sin no more.

See finish
Enh, Brother Akeem and David, your own nah to deh drink garri everywhere, like water. I no fit blame you Sha, nah wetin you get, you deh chop. You still deh struggle, but na garri your wages fit afford, I salute una, you be strong comrades, indeed. Keep grinding. You get money o, weh you fit use chop better food, but Olori Pablo and Aya Richee no go leave una mind.

Always funding their bank accounts, making it chubby while you and your account con look like premature corn. Carry on with the good works. Even the garri weh You deh chop, nah beggie beggie you use collect ham from Mama Salewa olounje lati ilu gbogan. You can’t even pass the front of her shop in peace, because she go don deh shout, “no credit today o, garri sef no deh. We no get foodstuffs for shop today sef”. That one, brother, nah see finish o.

Before you start abusing that innocent fellow, remember say nah you tell ham say your Toto don wide like Pacific ocean. Before you say “ when did that one start? Recall, say nah you open your mouth wwaaa con deh run ham like tap weh no get control.
Fellow students like me, una Mama and Papa sef don see you finish because anytime they see una call like this, they go talk say nah money you need like that o, bah? Students like me……though e fit be check up call o, but they way you deh talk demand for money enh, go make them think say na money you wan beg for, but nah Every time you deh sing 🎶 Send me 2k, oh papa, send me 2k Mama, if I be blood ask for my aza, send me 2k🎶

There are numerous consequences of “see finish”, but I’ll mention few. First, you’ll loose your self respect, morals and values if you’re the “cut for me” type.
Face your book o, don’t Facebook. Anytime results are released, your friends don Sabi you as the owner of dees. No vex o when they start addressing you as Divine, Daniel, Deborah or even F. Na ṣee finish patapata, buckle up, too. Your friends can predict you as a “see finish” human. To those with low self esteem, “see finish” can actually make them easily depressed.

Moreover, It can also be avoided when you shut your mouth when you’re supposed to do so. It is essential to keep to your promise to avoid situations whereby your friends will use your weakness, flaws to catch cruise. Keeping your promises makes people respect you more. And, some matters are too sensitive to  discuss outside. Matters concerning your kids, wife, spouse or job should be kept to yourself and yourself alone to avoid “see finish”

Conclusively, I hope your people never see you finish Sha. Shalom!


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