10 Commonly Used Spanish Words in Nigeria

Today, we’d be discussing ten commonly used Spanish words in Nigeria. It is worthy of note that Spanish is the second most widely spoken first language in the world after English. It is a romance language and you don’t necessarily have to be a language enthusiast to add a few Spanish words to your lexis.

The ten commonly used Spanish words are highlighted below:

1. Hola(hello): It is a way of greeting that is acceptable in both formal and informal contexts.

2. Gracias(thank you): to show appreciation for something done, “gracias” is a Spanish word that would suffice.

3. Amor(love): a good way to keep the flames burning in a relationship is by addressing your partner in a romantic language and “amor” is one of the popular Spanish words of endearment in Nigeria.

4. Adios(goodbye): it is a casual farewell remark.

5. Bonanza(good luck/fortune): originally a Spanish word and almost overused during product publicity by Nigerian brands—the popular “buy one, get one free” scheme.

6. Pronto(quickly): this is commonly used when you need someone to get something done as soon as possible. For example, I need you to book me a flight to Abuja pronto.

7. Nada(nothing): a word dramatically used among Nigerians, for emphasis purposes, to show that they mean “absolutely nothing”.

8. Señorita(young lady): a sweet appellation to get the attention of an unmarried woman. Popular among our ” Yoruba Demons” and a title equivalent to Miss.

9. Sí(yes): an indication of acceptance or agreement.

10. Amigo/Amiga(friend): a common way to address a friend. When you run into an old pal, you might want to call out “Hey, amigo! Nice to see you again!”


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