Air Max to begin extraction of Stranded Nigerians

   Fortunately, It was confirmed on Tuesday that Air Max would begin extraction of Nigerians stranded by the Russia – Ukraine war.

After persuading Nigerians in Ukraine to calm down, the federal government has requested Air Max and Air Peace to begin extraction of Nigerians in Ukraine.

The General manager, operations, Max Air, Raymond said FG ordered the airline and the carrier was set to begin.
In his words, he said, “ We have been assigned and we are on it.

Moreover, we’ve been airlifting pilgrims to Hajj and doing chattered operations for many years. So, we are not new to this.

“So, understand that we’ve been commissioned and we will depart tomorrow (Wednesday).                                We are operating tomorrow and it is to start bringing in the people.


Meanwhile, Air Peace on the other hand has not started the evacuation process. Stressing that it would be made public soon.

According to Raymond, the operation will be done one at a time.
Furthermore, the federal government announced on Monday that it would begin the Extraction of about 2,000 Nigerians.

Those who managed to flee the war in Ukraine to neighbouring countries will be rescued.

It was disclosed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs , Geoffrey Onyeama that FG approved the funds.

The funds for Airlines to Evacuate Nigerians, he said in an Interview on a Channels Television.

About 8,000 Nigerians in Ukraine, 5,000 of whom are students would be evacuated.

Adding that FG tipped Air Peace and Air Max to airlift Nigerians who wanted to be evacuated.

Furthermore, he explained that, “we made Romanian the Hub and over a thousand Nigerians have crossed there. Poland has about 250 and Slovakia is rising rapidly.

There are also Nigerians in a place called Sumy, close to the Russian border.

Conclusively, Onyeama said it was not the sole duty of the federal government to evacuate Nigerians stranded abroad.

“People who use their money to travel abroad ought to be able to return home by themselves”, he said.


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