How to get over heartbreak

It’s no more new that heartbreak is high on the rise now. How to get over heartbreak is what we’ll be looking at today.

“Breakfast”, as it is commonly known has become an everyday affair. Married ones are not even exempted, talkless of those still courting,it’s a national cake.

I’ve heard countless stories of breakfast, and trust me, it’s horrible. I’ve had my fair share of breakfast too, it was a delicious sadness.

Its difficult for people who have experienced heartbreak,to move on. They totally believe love is a scam. They prefer to lock their hearts, then throw the key into the Red sea.

O ye broken hearts! Your redemption is here. Here comes your saviour.

Be prepared to open your hearts again and let the floods of love flow into your hearts.

Without much Ado, step by step, I’ll tell you how to overcome that sorrow,that pain, that heart-breaking deception, how to finally get over heartbreak. Just follow the following steps. It worked for me, more than I could imagine.

First thing first, CRY.

Yes! I mean, cry. Shed hot tears. Crying is a natural remedy for a sad soul. It calms the soul. What I mean by crying, is not a 2 minutes affair.

If you have the strength to cry for 30 minutes or more, please, do. Let the emotions flow.

While crying, try to go over your lover’s old text. I mean the ones that really makes you happy. The flirty texts, the serious ones, love filled ones. Read them all,while you cry.

Leave no stone unturned while you cry. Cry like there won’t be any tears to shed the next day.

When you are done crying, what’s next?

SLEEP. It’s necessary to sleep after you’ve exhausted your energy on shedding hot tears. You will surely feel sleepy after crying for a long time. Tears and sleep, move hand in hand. You automatically find peace after shedding a great deal of tears. Mind you, you might still be teary before you sleep. It’s normal. Just sleep.

Then EAT.

When you wake up, you need to regain your strength,right? It’s important for the task ahead. This time around, after you wake up, eat whatever you feel like. If you have the money, masturdate.

Just eat well.


This worked for me greatly. My big breakfast turned me into a poet. The dose of the breakfast was still manifesting in my body one afternoon, when I picked my pen and book.

Before I knew it, a page was full. I wrote a poem in 10 minutes. Though, I wasn’t really into poetry. I prefer Prose.

But, while thinking about my lover who jilted me, I picked my pen and poured my emotions into my book. I showed a few friends, they were like, “where have you been hiding? You are good”.

I just smiled. They had no idea that it was pain that birthed the poet in me.

From there, I read more about poetry and poets, developed my writing skills and I am still doing well.

It’s up to you, my dear, to discover what you are capable of. Don’t let heartbreak break you, rather let it mold you into something beautiful.

So, what’s next?


To fully heal from your pain, mingle with people. Do not, I repeat, do not stay indoor, alone.

Staying indoor will only complicate issues. Instead, attend public hearings, shows, go for long walks, invite a friend over for a game or coffee. There are lots to do to avoid staying indoor too much. Just don’t turn yourself into a leper, all in the name of heartbreak. Associate with people, make new friends, Catch fun.

I know it’s not easy to move on. It’s easier to say than practice, but try them. When my lover left me, it was as if that was the end for me.

I’ll hold on to the necklace he gave me, I so much love it. I’ll sleep with it, and sometimes mumble his name in my sleep.

It was a difficult time for me. But, here I am today. Totally free from heartbreak and happy.

Last on my list, LISTEN TO MUSIC.

Mostly, I listened to sad songs. “Save your tears” by the weeknd was my best. Followed by Juiceworld’s songs. It helped me to cry and shed those tears. I needed to let the pain go.

So, listen to Sad music, it’ll calm you. Slide in a bit of Romantic songs, once a while, to balance things.

It worked for me, it might work for you too. Though, it was a long process, but I’m happy and free now. And yes! Love is a beautiful thing. Give love a chance again, but love with sense.

Don’t also forget to cry. Very important.



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