Consequences of child neglect and abuse

In most cases, the consequences of child neglect and abuse is always permanent.

“How I wish you could have died instead of your sister. You are worthless”.

A statement like this, from a parent is enough to ruin a child’s life.

However, the primary duty of parents, I believe, is to take proper care of their children.

They brought them into the world, and should be able to cater for their needs.

Responsible parents are expected to train their children, feed, clothe and educate . Not neglect and abuse.

How do you expect a child of 6, to feel after being told he or she should have died?

For instance, view it as if you are back to your 6-years old body, with your mother or father determined to blow off your ears with the reminder that you should have died.

Also, being scolded, cursed or abused for every single mistake.

Imagine, your tender skin being decorated with scars from blades and broken bottles.

And, being subjected to the deadliest punishment, for a child of your age.

Assume, one more time, working tediously like an adult, while covered with blood and wounds untreated.

Working and struggling to keep the flies away from your tender skin. Working, with an empty stomach, tired and dying.

Tell me, how do you want such a child to grow up into a responsible adult? Without any proper education. How can a caged bird sing and merry with a beautiful, happy heart?

It’s impossible. An adult, broken from a child, going about spreading love and cheers, it’s rare. It’s hardly possible.

Child neglect on the other hand, is not a good parental role. Why will you neglect your child?!

I mean, the one you brought into this world.

Why will you, as parents ignore him or her like he or she doesn’t exist?

As a result of neglect, some children suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Cause they feel unloved. They are usually aggressive and gets depressed easily.

Children are meant to be loved and cared for. Not neglected.

One of the consequences of child neglect and abuse on a female child, is Molestation.

Presently, we have countless cases of Rape. Why? Isn’t it obvious, Child neglect, of course!

Come to think of it, a female child is like an egg, it needs protection. When you care less about your tender egg, do you expect it to care for itself? No. Someone else will do.

A hungry female child, without proper clothes to wear, walking the length and breadth of the whole community without a purpose, she’ll be noticed.

Sadly, a little girl child, without support from parents, is vulnerable to bully or harassment.

They are easy targets for merciless men. They will be tricked and the result is always Rape.

Ruining a child’s life due to carelessness and neglect. Such a child won’t be able to forgive such parents.

The scar and pain will forever be there.

What about the male? Neglecting a boy child, is an indirect way of sending him to the streets.

When he starts running errands for big brothers in the street, he’ll start acting like them.

They will become his role model and parents for now. They are his confidants.

Soon, he will start doing drugs, getting high at a young age and taking alcohols.

Such a boy, will end up as a street Lord or tout.

What about ruined integrity, low self esteem, death of a bright future, criminal Lords,and others are consequences of child neglect and abuse. Prostitution and cyber crimes, not exempted.

Most criminals, touts, rapist, prostitutes, are products of abuse and neglect.

In the process of making a life for themselves, they indulge in illegal and sad activities.

Conclusively, my advice to young parents and aspiring parents, is, whatever you might be going through, do not neglect or abuse a child.

They are God’s special angels.


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