Petrocalypse: Effects and Its Panacea

Fuel scarcity has been the major concern  of  Nigerians for over a week now.

Should we call this Petrocalypse? Or Subsidy?The issue of fuel scarcity is no more new, it’s stale.

Yet, the federal government and the petroleum sector wants us to calm down without resolving the issue at hand.

Moreover, every petroleum station in every state is always filled with people both in cars and on motorcycles.

Also pedestrians, waiting impatiently to get fuel to either convey them to their place of work or for personal use.

The queue in petroleum stations has led to arguments, struggles and fights between buyers and sellers in an attempt to get fuel.

Fuel scarcity

On the other hand,in some states,the price of fuel has increased. Some sell for 200 naira 250 naira,500 naira for 25litres keg and 100 naira for smaller kegs.

ByThe amazing hike in fuel price has also led to the increase in market commodities.

Likewise, the price of foodstuffs has hiked up suddenly due to fuel scarcity. The price of transportation has also doubled up.

Furthermore, according to NNPC,2.3 billion litres of PMS is needed to stabilize distribution. Federal government identified the reason for the fuel scarcity as inspection failure, and adulterated products.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to avoid searching for fuel up and down and queueing under the burning sun, some buy fuel in large quantities and keep in their respective houses.

Not minding the consequences attached, people keep fuel in house, car and other dangerous places.

In an attempt to save himself the stress of getting fuel, a bus driver conveying passengers from Ilorin to Lagos kept a keg of fuel in the bus. And few minutes after taking off, was involved in an accident.

In the Early hours of Sunday,20th February,2022, a bus (14 seater) and a private car collided in front of Ilorin international airport. Claiming the lives of most of the passengers, only the driver and three others survived.

The bus conveying majorly UNILORIN students got burnt beyond recognition. The passengers couldn’t make their way out of the bus after the collision.

And as a result of the keg of fuel kept in the bus,it caught fire.
The accident could be avoided if there wasn’t any issue of fuel scarcity. The keg of fuel wouldn’t have been kept in the bus.

The FG can resolve the issue of scarcity if the needed 2.3 billion litres of PMS can be supplied.

Lastly,the petroleum sector should be Keen in their inspection before the distribution of fuel.


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