Class of Educans Celebrates After-Exam Triumph With a Fun Filled Hangout!

In a blissful display of fellowship and celebration, the Class of Educans, part two students of the faculty of education, organized an exhilarating after-exam hangout to unwind and de-stress after the rigours of examinations.

This post-exam fiesta was held at the Parks and Garden, Obafemi Awolowo University. It brought together all education part two students from diverse departments and units across the faculty, under a single roof to be one.

MC Dammycares lit up the hangout with games and jokes. Amidst laughter and joyous chatter, the air buzzed with a sense of accomplishment and unity as an opportunity to let the hair down and bond beyond the confines of textbooks and study notes.

Furthermore, the presence Biyi Praise added flavour to the hangout party with resonating vibrance as students sang throwback songs of old primary school rhymes as Team of Pepper Gang and Ge ge of Lagos competed. The infectious energy of the gathering spread like wildfire, eliciting smiles and warm interactions among peers.

Class of Educans Celebrates After-Exam Triumph With a Fun Filled Hangout!

Also, D.J Flizzy was top-notch as he delivered good vibes plus good music throughout the party. The hangout served expressed the power of community and shared experiences to build a long lasting bond among students.

As the fiesta progressed Adesokan Victor (VEEKHYART), President of Education Students’ Association of Nigeria (ESAN), and Ayodele Akinmeji (HOD), the president of the Nigerian Association Arts and Social Science Education Students (NAASES), graced the event as they joined the festivity. As the evening unfolded, friendships and memories were created while¬† spirits were also lifted in the moment of jubilation.

Curtains drew to a close with promises of more gatherings and more opportunities for collective merriment to reinforce the notion that education is not just about textbooks and lectures but also about relationships and connections that enrich the learning experience.

The Class of Educans is setting an example of unity and cooperation, proving that through moments of joy and togetherness, students can create lasting memories that transcend beyond academic realm.






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