Maggi’s “Let’s Jollof Event” Captivates Crowds and Sparks Excitement at OAU

Maggi’s “Let’s Jollof event”, organized at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), was a memorable one that drew a crowd of students and food enthusiasts.

The event, which was held at the Students’ Union car park, kicked off with a show off of different culinary skills as chefs displayed various jollof recipes prepared using Maggi seasoning and ingredients.

Later in the event, a cooking competition was organized among seven teams, with “Team 2” emerging victorious in the cooking competition.

Members of “Team 2” include Temiloluwa Dianem, Oluwatemiliyin Sanyaolu, and Praise Ogede.

This victory earned them not only the title of ‘Jollof Champions’, but also a grand prize of one eighty thousand naira plus a pack of Maggai products.

“Team 5” finished as the first runner-up, with a cash prize of one hundred and twenty thousand, and “Team 4” finished as the second runner-up, with a cash prize of sixty thousand naira.

The competition brought together talented chefs and cooking enthusiasts from all over and was a celebration of the art of cooking.

Maggi's “Let's Jollof Event” Captivates Crowds and Sparks Excitement at OAU

Throughout the competition, “Team 2” showcased exceptional teamwork, creativity, and a deep understanding of flavour profiles, and captured the hearts and taste buds of the judges and the audience.

Speaking with “Team 2” in an interview with an ACJ-OAU correspondent on how they felt about this great success, Temiloluwa said, ‘I am grateful and very excited. I found out about this event today, and I said let go and cook. This is a good push for my business coming on the way. I am grateful to God and my friend Damsel because she is my number one supporter. Thank you, Maggi’.

‘I feel good for winning, and I didn’t want to participate, but my friends supported me, and I am happy I came here.’

Praise, the only male on the team, noted that, ‘Firstly, it was very unexpected, and we do our thing. I was scared when the chef team came to check our food twice, thinking maybe something went wrong with the food. After the result, I was happy. In my team, we worked together and decided on what we wanted to do before cooking; this helped us.’

The event ended with a fun-filled and joyous atmosphere, as the attendees enjoyed music, games, and entertainment while also savoring the delicious jollof rice provided by Maggi.





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