ASSEES: The Danger Of A Single Story

The renowned author, Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi, in her TED talk, “The Danger of a Single Story”, cautioned the Western nations about their one-sided narrative about African countries. It is usually saddening when one sees such a scenario replay itself in our academic institution meant for learning and culture.

True to the words of the association, it was a rocky start, but unlike their “egregiously exaggerated” narrative, which claimed that the Editor-in-Chief blindsided any attempt at a constructive meeting, ASSEES leaders failed to state that after the rocky start, the president, Adesokan Tosin, and the PRO, Oyadeyi Ayomide, in August 2023, successfully had a meeting with the EIC of Infocus News Agency, Ifeoluwa Popoola, and a member of the news agency, Akanni Godspraise. 

The President promised to reach out to the agency for a physical meeting after resumption. However, due to circumstances, the meeting with the PRO and President which was supposed to be held on the first Monday of resumption in October 2023, had to be rescheduled.

According to the disclaimer by ASSEES, the PRO, “undeterred”, was persistent in her attempt to seek a meeting. In contrast to that, the PRO only reached out to the EIC once, which was in October, at the request of the President. In the English dictionary, persistence refers to an action done more than a single time. 

On 22nd October 2023, via a Facebook chat, the PRO, Oyadeji Ayomide reached out to the EIC of the Agency based on the directive of the President, “the President said we should have a physical meeting with you by 9 am on Monday.”  However, due to both EIC and PRO having accommodation issue, they were unable to meet. Perhaps, this is the arsenal of evidence provided by the negligent and “indomitable PRO”.

Can we then posit that the PRO cannot execute her duties properly without constant instructions from the President? Or Is she just filling the position without full knowledge of her roles as the PRO? 

Furthermore, ASSEES, claimed that the EIC is trying to privatize the agency. In what way has she tried to? It will be interesting if it could provide concrete evidence to back it flimsy  accusations, so that we all can be fully aware.

Also, it is necessary to note the wrong use of the name in the ASSEES report, the name of the INFOCUS News Agency Editor-in-Chief was a misnomer. Aside from that, tagging the Editor-In-Chief as being “obstinate and uncooperative” is a defamation of character. 

It would have been apt had ASSEES been true to its claim and backed its statement that journalism had veered from its crux and has become a weapon utilized for “personal vendetta among self-proclaimed journalists” in the nation.

Ironically, it turned its eyes away from the shortcomings of the PRO. This leaves all with these questions: “Can the members of the association confidently sleep at home in their beds with both eyes closed?”, “Will the association’s officials shy away from addressing the shortcomings of another executive when next they fail to dispense their duties effectively?”


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