Top 5 Smallest African Countries

Africa is one of the seven continents that make up the world, and is notable for many things: from its beautiful tourist centres to historic sites, and also the rich cultures in different  African countries. Fifty-four countries make up Africa, and is further divided into five regions, Northern Africa, Central or Middle Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa.

The countries in Africa are unique and vary in size. Some big, some small. Here is a list of the smallest African countries: Starting with the smallest:



Seychelles is an archipelago East African country with 115 islands. Occupies a landmass of 460 km². English, French and Seychellois are the official languages. Seychelles is notable for its beautiful beaches, gorgeous landscape, dense tropical landscape vegetation, abundant nature and rich in culture; with a population of 101,500 people.


São Tomé and Príncipe

An island Central African country close to the equator, with a population of 223,400 people. It occupies a landmass of 960 km². São Tomé and Príncipe previously was an outpost under Portuguese rule, with cocoa, coffee and sugarcane as its prominent exports. Portuguese is the official language. The capital is São Tomé.



Comoros is a volcanic archipelago located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean in East Africa. It has a mixed culture with multiple languages. Comoros occupies a landmass of 1,861 km² with a population of 844,100.



Mauritius is also an East African country with a landmass of 2,040 km². It is known for its beaches, lagoons, reefs and the famed Chamarel plains with seven colours. Mauritius population is currently 1.2 million. It once depended on sugarcane exports. 


Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde is a volcanic West African island country previously known as Cape Verde, with the highest of them all Pico do Fogo. Cabo Verde previously was the centre of salt mining till the 1990s. It also is an archipelago made up of ten islands. The climate is characterized by a stable temperature with extreme aridity. February is the coolest month, with (low 20s C) 70 s F. August and September, the hottest months with temperature (high 20s C) 80s F.


The next time you plan to explore or go on vacation, you can visit any of these countries.


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