Essential Nuggets Of Wisdom For New OAU Students!

Warm greetings to all the new Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) students to be part of the esteemed Great Ife community! 

Welcome to this incredible centre of learning, nestled in the heart of the Yoruba race, the ancient city of Ile-Ife, where the dawn of the day was first experienced. 

On this momentous day of your matriculation, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to every one of you. May this joyous occasion pave way for a convocation day filled with immense happiness and fulfilment.

Undoubtedly, students choose this esteemed institution for various reasons. Some are enticed by its stellar reputation, enriched by the remarkable accomplishments of its predecessors, others are captivated by its stunning campus, recognized as one of Africa’s most beautiful. There are also those drawn to the institution’s outstanding scholars, intellectual prowess, and unwavering commitment to political consciousness. 

Regardless of our diverse motivations for choosing Great Ife, as one of Nigeria’s finest institutions, we all share a common objective: to strive for academic excellence and explore the limitless possibilities within our respective fields. 

Therefore, allow me to highlight certain strategies and approaches that will pave the path to remarkable achievements during your time on this campus.

Let me address a pressing matter: the prevailing notion that OAU is synonymous with failure, commonly shared in hushed conversations at the beginning of each academic year. Yes! it is true, but only from a certain perspective. 

Do bear in mind that there have been numerous graduates from this very institution who attained perfect grades, some even achieving a perfect 5.0 GPA.

Many departments can boast of producing first-class graduates. If they can achieve it, who says you can’t? The journey may appear arduous and insurmountable, but rest assured, nothing is truly impossible. Even the word “impossible” spells out “I’m possible” with the right punctuation. 

Yes, with unwavering dedication and continuous effort, the seemingly unimaginable becomes a tangible reality. Believe it or not, the power to succeed lies solely in your hands.

Now, let’s delve into the purpose of this message.

The first and most crucial method to thrive on this campus is to prioritize consistent studying before exams. Mastering the art of overcoming procrastination, the ultimate time thief is paramount. 

If you have the habit of compiling notes until the test is announced or the exam timetable is released, you’ll soon find yourself buried under a mountain of material. 

Desperately struggling to cover all the chapters taught, your note-taking frenzy will prove futile when your results are finally unveiled, reinforcing the myth that OAU is destined to deliver failure—unless, of course, you possess genius-level intellect or extraordinary abilities.

However, if you adopt a different approach and begin your reading journey from the first day of lectures, a smile will grace your face upon witnessing the fruits of your labour in your results.  

Now, envision the plight of those who compile notes until the day of the test or until the exam timetable is released, only to fall ill during the crucial study period, rendering them incapable of reading. 

Even if they manage to complete the exam, they’ll likely spend their time tallying the number of fans whirring in the exam hall rather than focusing on the questions. 

Thus, it is imperative to commence your reading journey well before the test or exam period.

Nevertheless, the underlying message is not to surrender when your efforts fall short of expectations. 

Therefore, if your expectations remain unmet, regroup, identify your mistakes, and devise a rational solution. 

Remember, falling short of your expectations should never serve as a reason to give up, but rather as motivation to redouble your efforts.

Furthermore, I strongly advise against solely relying on classroom teachings. Embrace the vast resources available online, such as textbook downloads and lecture videos.  

I urge you to actively participate in teamwork, allowing for the exchange of ideas among like-minded individuals. 

Be mindful of the company you keep. Surround yourself with friends who add value to your life and contribute positively to your growth. Choose your friends wisely, for their influence can significantly impact your journey.

For those who consider themselves average students, never underestimate the power of tutorials. Even if their scheduling proves inconvenient or alternative options are scarce, make every effort to attend tutorials that will assist you in conquering your academic challenges.

Discover your unique studying time and avoid comparing your study schedules with others. 

Determine the optimal time when your understanding is at its peak. If preserving your sleep routine is crucial for optimal comprehension, refrain from forcing overnight study sessions. Acknowledge the specific hours when your mind assimilates information most effectively.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt wishes for a joyous matriculation.


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