VeekhyArts’ Administration Renovates Education Lecture Rooms

For some time, the Faculty of Education lecture rooms have been without light, making it difficult for students to read there at night.

The light issue has been on for a while, which has affected many students who are unable to use the lecture rooms for reading at night.

Earlier last semester, the sockets in the three lecture theatres had been burned and were yet to be repaired, resulting in the inability of the students to use their phones and laptops to read.
Students had complained at various times about how difficult it was to charge their electronic devices both during the day and at night.

The President of the Faculty of Education, Adesokan Victor, popularly known as VeekhyArts, and his administration, in a publicly released memo, stated that some renovation works had been done in the faculty, some of which included fixing the light issues, painting the lecture rooms, repairing some damages to the chairs, and other things in the rooms.

Highlights of the renovation include:
Aesthetic upgrades, which have been aesthetically revamped with vibrant paints of diverse colours of the association, and energy-efficient LED lights have been installed to create a lively and stimulating ambiance.
The lecture rooms have been equipped with modern technological amenities, including charging stations or sockets. Accessibility Features, In adherence to inclusivity and accessibility standards, the classroom now features ramps, enhanced lighting for visually impaired students and accessible seating arrangements.

Also, dedicated areas for group discussions, tutorials, breakout sessions, and collaborative projects have been incorporated, fostering teamwork and interactive learning among students.

In an interview with VeekhyArts, he stressed the renovation as a thoughtful enquiry, as it was stated in his manifesto.

He said, “the administration under VeekhyArts aims to enhance students’ academic well-being. One crucial aspect involves improving the lecture room environment for effective learning. I’ve encountered nights when the rooms were too dark, and students had to resort to using flashlights, which is detrimental to their eyesight.”

He noted that what caused the delay in the renovation was a lack of funds. He said it was the help of God and those who believed in “VeekhyArts” that made the renovation a success.
He, however, implored all Esanites to pay their annual dues for them to benefit more from the present administration.

“We urge everyone, including all students, lecturers, within and outside the faculty, to strictly abstain from touching the walls or damaging any of the EDB’s classroom properties or amenities; as we all know, ‘’a tree does not make a forest’. The proper maintenance and management of the beautiful and prestigious classroom lies in all our hands.” He implored.

Over time, proper measures have not been put in place to prevent the reoccurrence of the light issues, but the administration is actively addressing the issue of non-esanites utilizing the EDBs.

“We’ve observed instances where students bring iron and hot plates at night, and steps are being taken to address this concern.”


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