OAU Christmas Break: A trap or a Celebration?

The first few weeks of the resumption of this academic session came with students struggling with the newly adjusted school fees and the registration process for the new session. While these were going on, freshers were still being admitted and trooping into campus.

Coupled with these, numerous programmes took place on the campus, including academic, social, and spiritual programmes, like the Nigeria Young Founders Week, MLEC Conference, etc.

Students finally settled down, and lectures began proper, back-to-back and exhausting for many. Students began getting occupied with various academic activities, which many complained had been the normal ‘struggle” for OAU students.

However, the Christmas break has been stated in the academic calendar since the beginning of the semester. Hoping it will be some sort of relief for them, as they would travel home and take a break from the academic pallava for a few days.

Unknown to many that the Christmas break would become like a ‘trap’, as many lecturers bombarded students with assignments, while tests await many students upon resumption.

With this, some students have decided to stay back to read. Knowing fully well that they will relax at home and forget the needful.

Those that went home to celebrate Christmas make it a duty to read as much as possible and keep themselves abreast in order to meet the deadlines for various tasks and assignments.

This leaves many with the question: ‘Did we go home to read or to celebrate Christmas?’

Can we say it is a different Christmas break that comes in a special way to make OAU students go home to study instead of the regular Christmas break for celebration and relaxation?


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