Top 5 Lessons To Learn From The 2023 Election

The concluded Nigeria Presidential Election was filled with lessons that other countries in Africa can learn from as it was stated by Ebenezer Agbey Quist, a Ghanian National. 

As he closely monitored the process of the election, he said many compatriots have much interest in the election and the verdict of the polling. 

Quist said, “I wished all Africa were allowed to vote during the Nigerian election because what happens to a giant of Africa affects other nations.” 

The Ghanaian citizen says the top 5 lessons other African countries can learn from Nigeria’s election. 

As he was talking about the impact made by Labour Party (LP) Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, he said: 

  1. Don’t need a coup to have a revolution, you can do that at the poll. 
  2. You don’t have to compromise with a bad choice. 
  3. Take your personal decision to vote for what you want.
  4. Don’t allow political structures to make decisions for you on who to vote for. 
  5. Don’t give up. During the election some people were injured, they went to treat themselves and come back to vote because they know their vote counted. 

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