Surviving heartbreaks : 5 Self-care strategies to survive heartbreak

I’d rather have a broken leg than a broken heart.

Heartbreak in a relationship is a state of overwhelming emotional loss.
Everyone experience it differently, but the deep feeling of grief and devastating sense of never being able to get past the pain are mutual.

It can last seconds and then subside or it can hang over for days.
It is not an easy journey to go through. Sometimes, when one is heartbroken, they may feel intense pain and feel like commiting suicide.
You can recognize an heartbroken person from their physical appearance, dress sense,
eating habits, social appearance or even sleeping habits.

The level of a relationSHIP determines how heartbroken the passengers will be if it
eventually sinks.
Break up, infidelity and rejection are the major causes of heartbreak in a relationship.
Heartbreak may be painful but it is not the end of the world, we can get over it.
Not only does heartbreak affects our being; it can also control the way we react to
such split.
Some people react to heartbreak by crying, screaming, ghosting, eating, or watching TV
forth and back. The truth is that none of these really soothes the pain they feel.

Effects of Heartbreak to the body:

i. Your stress hormones heightens. When you’re in love, your brain is flooded with
neurochemicals dopamine and oxytocin, making you feel happy.
When you get heartbroken all those love chemicals washes out of your system, leaving
you to the mercy of stress hormones.
ii. You’ll question your identity. Erica Slotter, a psychology candidate at Northwestern
University said “We know that relationships change the way we think about ourselves.
When a relationship ends,that sense of self ends.”
We question who we are because we’re not sure how it could have happened to us.You
are forced to open a new chapter of your life.
iii. You get an eating disorder. It’s either you eat more or eat nothing. Some people”eat
away” their feelings, using food to distract and comfort themselves while they cry their hearts out.

5 Self-care strategies to survive heartbreak:

i. Feel free to grieve: Palumbo says “Grief is just the same for everyone.”
The best way to quickly get over a broken heart is to let out your feelings. Emptying
your bitter emotions makes room for a better one.
ii. Go out: Explore the outer world more during heartbreak. It makes you meet different
types of people, see beautiful places and get to ease your emotions.
iii. Read books that’ll help: Reading self help books will help you encounter people that
have gone through the same pain as yours and how they got over it.
It is a supportive way to process your emotions.
iv. Take time to take care of yourself: Sleep well, eat right, take your bathe, use your
deodorants and cosmetics and dress well. You’re only experiencing an heartbreak, not
the death of a loved one.
v. Don’t rush into another relationship: Most people think they can find solace in another
relationship after a broken one. Broken hearts makes one vulnerable. So, going into
another relationship with a vulnerable mind will only cause another heartbreak.
Don’t rush things. Allow time do its work.

Heartbreaks are experiences that prepares us well for better relationships to come.


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