Commotion sprouts in Akintola Hall

To know your real friends, test them with money, they say. Commotion sprouts in Akintola Hall, OAU, when two buttery  workers, insulted a Particular Akintola Queen, “Mariam”.

Late on Wednesday night, 11th of January, 2023, “Mariam” sent a voice note to Akintola group page, expressing her bitterness and pain due to the poor Customer service of the Buttery attendants.

According to her, the two buttery attendant, on different occasions, have been extorting money from her in terms of payment for goods she bought.

In her words, she said, “there was a day I went to buy something there,after giving them money, I picked what I wanted to buy  while waiting for my change.

Only for them to say I didn’t give them money at all and after Series of argument, to avoid embarrassment, I paid the money again.

Then Last year December, I made a transfer of #700 to them, again, they said they didn’t get credit alert.

After that, I made another transfer of #2,500 and according to them, they saw that one.

In short, I had to repay the #700, with additional charges. This is becoming unbearable and it’s painful”.

Mariam decided to stay calm till the following day when she will report them to the owner of the shop.

But, things took a drastic turn when an anonymous individual played Mariam’s voice note to the buttery attendants.

The girls in return sent their response to Mariam through the anonymous individual.

The girl’s ( buttery attendant) voice notes included abuses and curses for Mariam and tagged her a senseless, stupid thief.

At this point Akintola Queens could not take the insult anymore, and the matter somehow became Student’s Union Problem.

On Thursday, 12th of January,2023, The Student’s Union officials,headed by Arafat, the welfare director, stormed Akintola Hall of to settle things.

But, the buttery girls were adamant and refused to apologise to Mariam. And it led to the sealing of the Buttery by student Union, temporarily.

However, the buttery was opened this morning, 13th of January, 2023 without the consent of the Student’s Union.

The Union again stormed Akintola and declared the Buttery locked till further notice, which led to the Commotion again, in Akintola hall.

Despite the pleas of the owner of the shop, along with the hall Warden, the Union Sealed the buttery.

Arafat said, “we won’t sit and watch our students being harassed by those who are not students, we will fight for our right.

In attendance this afternoon, was officials from the DSA, pleading with Student’s Union.

Meanwhile, the girls have totally refused to accept blame and apologize.

But, the intervention of the DSA created a solution as the girls apologized to Akintola Queens and the buttery was finally opened.

Also, this week, Akintola Hall Chairperson,  Adewale Comfort, popularly known as Princess, Used her powers in a wrong manner in the hall.

She also refused to accept her fault and apologize after constantly abusing a fellow student.

A student who was just concerned about the welfare of Akintola Queens.

Repeatedly, Princess, in a voice note said, “You are very very stupid and I am unapologetic about it.

Till now, no apology was tendered, because she was and is still engrossed in her  leadership position.


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