Betrayal is a dagger

Betrayal, is a dagger on its own. It drives deep into the soul. It leaves unimaginable deep scars behind.

It’s a broken trust. And, trust, needs to be earned, when broken. If you’ve ever been betrayed, you’ll know what it really means to be hurt.

Some years ago, a friend of mine betrayed me. It was like a stab directly to my heart. It made me cry for days. The pain of betrayal is unbearable.

When your favorite person, denies you, it hurt. The one that’s supposed to stand up for you, turns out to be your greatest enemy and hater.

All this while, you’ve been blind to the fact that your best friend, is also your greatest hater.

The moment you eventually find out, it Rips your heart apart like a grenade. You’ll literarily feel your heart exploding a million times.

What could be the causes of betrayal?

A number of things can make a loved one betray you.

First, it could be Jealously. Some people can’t actually live with the fact that you are living well. They can’t accept the fact that you are very happy or successful.

Hence, being jealous of you wants makes them do ugly things. They act like that care around you, but, also speak bad of you, behind you.

Also, they might feel threatened by your personality. It’s still part of jealousy.

Cause you’ve got a beautiful skin, great mind, smart moves, or an active brain, makes them feel threatened. Thus, turning them into a monster they never were. Then, they’ll do everything to make sure they see you fall.

Not only that, as lovers, why do we get betrayed?

It might be as a result of covetousness.

Your partner is likely to betray you, just because he or she wants more.

Even though, you are rich enough to satisfy their needs, they’ll still want more from others. Which will definitely result in cheating.

And, cheating is a big form of Betrayal. Breaking your partner’s heart all because of your selfish and covetous nature, is a big betrayal. And, since Betrayal is a dagger, it’ll beautifully carve a deep hole in the heart research

Betrayal can come in many forms. You can experience betrayal from  your own family, colleagues, peers, church members, or class mates.

We all should be expecting betrayal sooner or later. Even our Lord Jesus Christ, was betrayed.

None, Is above betrayal. But, if you are betrayed, try as much as possible not to take it to heart. Taking it to heart can cause damages, like, Depression, high blood pressure and poor mental health.

Lastly, do not revenge. Forgiveness is the only way to heal a broken heart.


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