Midnight Theft: Protecting Properties Amidst Overnight Reading

Reading overnight is a common practice among students on campus. Students stay over the night in lecture rooms on campus to study, then return home in the morning while some continue their activities for the day.

As this is commonly practised among students on campus, many have averted from reading overnight due to unpalatable experiences. 

In contrast, those who study overnight are always on alert to prevent some occurrences from happening.

Part of these occurrences that can befall a student who reads overnight on campus is having one of their property stolen. 

It is common to have some students complaining about their property getting stolen in lecture rooms while reading. 

Such cases happen when such a student takes a short sleep break or when such a student steps out of the lecture theatre where the reading is going on. 

It is disheartening that some students derive joy in making their mates unhappy, taking advantage of their sacrifice.

Follow a few of these stories and gain insight as we delve into the experiences and challenges the students have faced in pursuit of academic success and how some of them were recovered.

Being a student from the Department of Physics Engineering, Precious, a part one student is bent on meeting up with the remaining time she has to cover up her studies before the exam.

 According to her, she was unhappy when she lost her phone’s charger while she was doing her overnight reading. 

“I went for an overnight and forgot my charger on the table where I read over the night. When I went back there, I couldn’t find the charger again. I tried informing everybody who was around me during the overnight if they helped find it.” She narrated. 

The erstwhile Chairman of Angola Hall of Residence, Busari Samuel popularly known as S&T narrated some cases of stolen items that had been reported to him during his tenure as the Chairman of the Hall of Residence.  

A Geology student in part one was having his night reading at Angola Hall Common Room. This student fell asleep while reading, and discovered that his laptop and Macbook were gone when he woke up. 

He looked around to ask people around him if they had seen his laptop and Macbook.  After several attempts to recover the stolen items, he reported to the Hall Executives. Samuel noted that the student was frustrated and bittered over his stolen property. 

The Hall executives told him to return after 48 hours as they promised to help him find the recovered items.  After 48 hours, the student’s stolen items were returned.

When asked how the Executives were able to recover the stolen property, Samuel confirmed that the Executives  intentionally took his laptop and Macbook from the common room when they discovered he was asleep. 

They intended to teach him a lesson as they had earlier warned the occupants of the Hall of Residence to go into their room to sleep anytime they felt sleepy.

Another case of stolen items was that of his friends who reported to him after three weeks that his phone had been stolen during overnight reading. 

He complained to Samuel that a huge amount of money had been withdrawn from his account and that he had to block his phone number.

Samuel disguised himself as a lady to chat his friend’s number. The person with the phone agreed to meet with Samuel, thinking he was a lady. That was how the thief was caught. 

Several cases like this keep occurring and it would be appreciated if drastic measures are taken to prevent such from reoccurring.


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