Great Ife Students’ Union Director of Sports Rejects ESAN SU Election Decision

Ahead of the Students’ Union election, ESAN On Wednesday 8th of May held a congress to decide the candidates to project in the upcoming union election. Consequently, during the congress, the Faculty selected two candidates for the upcoming Students’ Union Election. However, the Director of Sports, Great Ife Students’ Union, Sumbade Jnr. rejected the decision made by the Faculty during the congress.

The controversy arose during a hotly congested congress meeting as the Exclusive Decision-making Committee ESAN  decided to choose two candidates out of four aspirants for the interest of the faculty.

Great Ife Students’ Union Director of Sports Rejects ESAN SU Election Decision

The motion was moved by Comrade H.O.D and seconded by Comrade Abudlameed, Sumbade Jnr. counter the motion  and was seconded by Comrade Ariyo that all aspirants should be allowed to contest the election.

The rejection of the ESAN decision sparked mixed reactions among students and faculty members. While some support Sumbade Jr.’s stance and call for a review of the process, others argued that Congress’s decision should be respected and upheld.

In response to the rejection, ESAN president, Adesokan Victor Oluwafemi (VeekhyArt) was disappointed about the rejection of the Director of Sports because he was part of the Exclusive Decision-making Committee and also signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

The President said that due to two motions on the ground, the congress should vote, the result of the voting was that 52 congressmen agreed to the decision of the decision-making body that two candidates should represent the faculty while 23 people voted for all aspirants to contest, with this the highest vote won.

Overall, there were nominations for the ESAN SU negotiation committee and central campaign council.


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