ESAN Dean’s Cup: ASE and three other Departments Proceeds To Semi-Finals

Education Students Association of Nigeria (ESAN) Dean’s Cup kicked off on the 2nd of May at training pitches 1 & 2, Obafemi Awolowo University. 

In the displaying of skills and determination, four departments (KHR, EFC, STE, and ASE) emerged victorious in the quarter-finals of the competition, securing their spots in the semi-finals. 

The match that was scheduled between Kinesiology Health Education (KHR) and Adult Education Life Long Education finished as a walkover. This showed that KHR qualified with 3 goals and nil for ALL. 

However, the Institute of Education (IED) and Education Foundation and Counseling (EFC) played as Emmanuel scored a goal for EFC  to proceed to the next stage. 

ESAN Dean's Cup: ASE and three other Departments Proceeds To Semi-Finals

Furthermore, the next game was between Educational Technology (ETL) and Science and Technology Education (STE). A stunning penalty from Ayo from STE earned his team a place in the semi-finals.

Also, Educational Management (DEM) and Art & Social Science Education displayed an impressive show of athleticism. Prince from the ASE team scored a hat-trick with a stellar performance which gave his department their spot in the semi-finals with a well-deserved victory. 

As these four departments proceed to the semi-finals, anticipation is high as they prepare to battle it out to get to the final of the competition. 


KHR 3️⃣ VS 0️⃣ ALL (Walkover) 

IED 0️⃣ VS 1️⃣ EFC (Emmanuel ⚽) 

ETL 0️⃣ VS 1️⃣ STE (Ayo ⚽) 

DEM 0️⃣ VS 3️⃣ ASE (Prince ⚽⚽⚽)



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