5 Romantic Spots On OAU Campus For Valentine Day

Valentine day is a memorable day lovers celebrate and share love and romance; and what better place can you celebrate this memorable day than on the beautiful campus of Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU)!

If you are searching for the perfect romantic spot to spend valentine day with your lover, here are some beautiful places on campus that are sure to set the mood:

Motion Ground

Motion Ground

Motion Ground, a vibrant hub of activity on campus, is a perfect spot for couples to enjoy a lively atmosphere. Simply join in the festivities and sit as you watch with your lover at your side.


OAU Zoo is a home to various wildlife species, and this make it a beautiful and unique place to visit on valentine day. You can take a cozy walk with your partner while you enjoy sightseeing the animals up close.

Botanical Garden

This tranquil oasis on campus with its winding paths, exotic plants and serene ponds can be compared to none. Take a evening stroll hand in hand with your lover and immerse yourselves in the beauty and serenity of nature.

Awo Cafe

Awo Cafe is another famous hangout spot on OAU campus; known for its cozy ambiance and delicious delicacies. Treat your loved one to a romantic dinner at Awo Cafe while you enjoy some quality time together.

Amphi Theatre

Amphi Theatre

A picturesque location on campus, Amphi Theatre, with its sweeping steps. This is a perfect spot to sit and gaze as the sunset with your girlfriend’s head resting peacefully on your shoulder, while you enjoy a romantic picnic.


Obafemi Awolowo University campus offers various romantic spots where you can celebrate this valentine day with your partner. Whether you prefer a serene and peaceful setting or a lively and vibrant atmosphere. OAU campus has something for every couple on this special day of love. Make sure to explore at least one with your lover today!



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