The New Structure This Current Administration Is Building Is Inclusiveness – VeekhyArt

Interviewer: It’s nice having you here today, after the Christmas celebration. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

VeekhyArt: I am Com. Adesokan Victor Oluwafemi, popularly and politically known as VeekhyArt, President of the Education Student’s Association of Nigeria, OAU Chapter.

Interviewer: So far, how has the administration been like since you resumed office as the president of the association? 

VeekhyArt: Humm, it has not been easy, but through the help of God Almighty, my fellow CEC members and the cooperation of all Esanites, we are pushing it and making our association better. 

Akanni: Is there any structure on ground, that your administration is building on, or your administration is operating a new structure? 

VeekhyArt: We are operating a new structure. I am for all; I belong to nobody.

Interviewer: Wow! You belong to all and to nobody. Can you shed light on the new structure your administration is operating? 

VeekhyArt: The new structure this current administration is building is inclusiveness. Where all Esanites will be treated equally and not give priority to some set of people. 

Interviewer: Can you clarify your words, “some set of people,” for the better understanding of the audience? 

VeekhyArt: Humm, in short, this current administration is for all Esanites. And we are treating everyone equally. 

Interviewer: Yesterday, your administration commissioned some projects. Should we watch out for more soon? 

VeekhyArt: Yes. But we can’t do more than our ability if there are not enough funds. I want to implore all Esanites to please pay up their faculty annual due. 

Interviewer: Also in the memo released, lack of funding was noted as a key factor that delayed the completion of these projects. What are some measures put in place to encourage students to pay their dues? 

VeekhyArt: We commence the renovation of the lecture rooms so that Esanites would see we have the interest of our students in mind, and that will encourage them to commit themselves financially to the association. 

Interview: In your earlier statement, you said that your administration will be inclusive for all the association members. Share with us some plans that are in place to foster the inclusiveness of all members. 

VeekhyArt: Definitely! Since I assumed office, I make it a point of duty to carry department and unit heads along, and we are on the same page. Inclusiveness is there. 

Interviewer: With the renovation of the lecture rooms, will the faculty administration take some steps towards the renovation of other aspects of the faculty? 

VeekhyArt: Yes. 

Interviewer: Will that be this semester or next semester?

VeekhyArt: For now, I can’t give an actual time, but with God, all things are possible. 

Interviewer: But can we assume that soon? 

VeekhyArt: Yes. Definitely. 

Interviewer: Are there other things everyone should watch out for? 

VeekhyArt: Yes.

Interviewer: Brief us. 

VeekhyArt: It’s something personal. We should all anticipate. Let all Esanites be expectant for more good things from this current administration. 

Interviewer: A surprise… Everyone will anticipate. 

Interviewer: As we come to a close, are there any words you have for all Esanites? 

VeekhyArt: Yes. I want to urge all Esanites to please be financially committed to the association; payment of their annual due will go a long way, and it’s my prayer that God will bless us all. Let’s support the current administration and let that spirit of oneness be there. Together, we can make ESAN OAU great. 

Interviewer: It was nice having you here today. 

VeekhyArt: It’s my pleasure. 

Interviewer: We hope to have you here some other time. 

VeekhyArt: No problem, my dear brother. 

Interviewer: Happy New Year in advance. 

VeekhyArt: Same to you.



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