The Joy Of Survival And Success


Few minutes after an exciting induction/ oath taking ceremony,  Pictures of inductees celebrating the joy of survival and success could be seen everywhere.

Inductees from the Faculty of Education captured the eventful hour with pleasant smiles on their faces.


Their faces told a story of struggle and triumph. Of frequent hurdles and victories. Most importantly, it’s a story of endurance, joy of survival and success.

One crucial thing they were glad for, was the gift of life. Their parents gave them to the school and the school returned them alive.

Parents who were in attendance rejoiced with their wards with pride.

It was again a joyous moment of reunion and bright memories as the inductees shared past encounters with one another.

Generally, overcoming the stress and struggle associated with Great Ife is a huge reason for inductees to plaster their faces with warm smiles and laughter amidst the celebration.

As we celebrate with the whole Faculty, we wish all our inductees a pleasant journey ahead. Congratulations.


Joy of survival and success



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