What a feeling!

I am currently listening to “What a feeling” by Beautiful Nubia. Beautiful Nubia – a name I fell in love with since the first time I saw it on a cd cover sometimes when I was much younger.

Who brought Beautiful Nubia’s disc to the house? My dad did. I don’t know what Nubia means (I’ll check it out as soon as I’m done writing this to an extent) but I know what beautiful means.

I can faintly remember the chorus of the song which was what made me ask my roommate for it as soon as I saw it on her phone.

Even though I didn’t know the title, the name “Beautiful Nubia” made me collect it from her. Lo and behold, it was the same song from my childhood.

I’m listening to it now for the umpteenth time. The lyrics, message and tune is all I want in a song.

It’s obviously about a man desiring this beautiful and well-mannered lady. He’s really into her because he wants to know her parents and friends.

He says the feeling is like a fire burning in him. He keeps on saying he’ll follow her home. Towards the end, he calls her different special names.

A typical Nigerian lady will say “Awwwww” if she’s the one being addressed by the song. She’ll blush till she’s red.

As a hopeless romantic that I am, I’ve been grinning like a fool since I heard this melodious music.

I’m in the fantasy land with my lover, hands and eyes locked in each other’s, alone in a beautiful and serene garden, swaying our bodies to the tune of the music.

“Oh, what a feeling, burning me all up
I can’t help myself, baby, I wanna love you
I wanna be with you both night and day
Share my life with you baby, I wanna love you
Oh, what a feeling, locking up my lips
I can’t express myself baby, I wanna love you
I wanna live with you, grow old in your arms
Have babies with you


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