The Seventh Induction Ceremony

Years of hard work, toil, struggle, tears, and waiting are culminating as the Faculty of Education inducts her students into the teaching profession at the 7th induction ceremony.


The occasion which was held at the Odùduwà hall started around 10: 30am had in attendance: The Dean of the Faculty Professor Theodora and the guest speaker, Professor Ọlálékan Elijah Ojedokun.

The registrar for Teachers registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) Josiah Olusegun Ajiboye alongside other dignitaries and parents of the inductees were also seated.


The 7th induction ceremony had 536 graduates with 515 Bachelors Degree holders, 13 Masters degree holders and 8 PHD holders.


The guest speaker started his speech by admonishing the inductees with a song in Yoruba dialect.


He spoke about the domain of learning which are: Cognitive, psychomotor and affective.


He hammered more on the characters of a professional teacher and implored them to be adaptive, emphatic, patient, fair and impartial, open minded, sincere, humorous and finally passionate.

He concluded his speech with a popular quote: “If you’re a teacher, teach very well. If you’re a nurse, nurse well. f you’re a driver, drive well and Professional teachers should also not forget their characters because character will be in record for life.”

Furthermore, in his speech the registrar for TRCN said, “21st century demands 24th century teachers.” He said, “you’re either a teacher or a cheater” while admonishing the inductees.


After the speech, the inductees took the teaching oath before they became professionals in the teaching field.



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