Her death, my joy

Right in the bathroom, naked on the cold floor, I saw her with eyes wide open. It was a horrifying scene. Her eyes were lying beside her, leaving empty sockets full of blood. Carved on her pretty face was a sign of death, coupled with different, difficult symbols.

Her cute set of teeth was knocked out, while her tongue was burnt black. A piece of cloth, tight on her neck, ate deep and broke her oesophagus.

Her bare chest was turned into a rough hole, with her heart ripped out of her chest and diced like Suya. She was cut from her chest down to her vagina.

It’s finally time to resume to school, after all that happened.

After three weeks of grieving and mourning my dear bunk mate, it’s time to resume again.

The girl that made me love boarding house, died suddenly. The news of her death shocked me to my roots.

I discovered her mutilated, lifeless body lying in a pool of her own blood. I screamed as far as my voice could travel. Her face will forever be plastered in my memory.

Scattered, broken ribs and limbs filled the room, with stench of blood. For a moment, the bathroom felt like a slaughter house. The white color of the tiles and floor was turned to red. I almost lost my balance when I saw her womb, under the sink, not far from her dead body.

All her internal organs were scattered all over the floor. I was taken to a hospital, immediately since I couldn’t utter a statement after screaming in fear.

Now, I’m back to school, though, my parents wanted to change my school,for fear of the mysterious killer. I refused.

I assured them that I’ll come to no harm, for the mysterious killer, would be me.

I’m Lara, 16, and I hate perfect, cute people.

I still have more students to deal with and lick their bloods. My dead bunk mate was a cool, nice girl, but, I hate perfect people. I felt a wave of peace rush through me as soon as I finished cutting her up.

she tasted good. I enjoyed carving her up. Seeing her struggle for breathe, spread happiness across my face. If she is lucky to come back to earth, I’m sure she won’t try to be perfect.

Her death, was my joy.

Well, she isn’t the first to be a victim and won’t be last.

Little Miss Jennifer’s death was better.

I only stapled her lips, drilled nails all over body. The fountain that flowed out of her body felt warm and yummy. I licked to my satisfaction. Without mercy, before she gave up the ghost, I inserted a hot iron into her neat, virgin pussy. Her screams was melodious.

Her death was my joy,too.

While moving the hot iron into her pussy, I shoved a full Wine bottle down her throat, it was the best thing to do, and broke it. Her body convulsed uncontrollably. I guessed,she cummed and went up there, to God.




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