35-year- old man killed by terrorists

A 35-year-old man in kwi village of Riyom Local council, plateau state was killed by terrorists.

The victim, suspected to be killed by Fulani Gunmen was waylaid on his way home.

The suspected criminals rained bullets on him repeatedly and gave up the ghost, instantly.

Solomon Dalyop Mwantiri, president of Berom youth Moulder, paid his condolences at the funeral service.

The 35-year-old man killed by terrorists is survived by wife and two children.

It is sad that people in the village are still being killed mercilessly with little or no efforts from government.

Furthermore, he said the government have failed Nigerians. He encouraged the people to be bold and secure their land and lives from attacks.

So, as not to go extinct.

He urged those with permanent voter’s card (PVC) to use them responsibly to elect leaders.

Leaders, who will give ears to their cries and protect them beyond 2023.

Lastly, he said, Nigerians have lost confidence in the security personnel, who will always tell us that they will bring the perpetrators to book, but nothing has happened.

Following the recent abductions in Ekiti state,the state government has put more security measures in place.

The representative of the governor, the Chairman Ekiti State Forestry Commission, Kayode Olaosebikan said that the recruited guards would ensure implementation of forest laws.

To curb bandits using forests as safe haven for nefarious activities and checkmate the illegal loggers depleting the forests.

Around 7pm on Wednesday, four people was abducted on Oke Ako-Irele Road in Ikole LGA of Ekiti State, with the kidnappers later demanding N20 million ransom.

To prevent future occurrences like kidnappings and murders, Ekiti state government have empowered more security guards to keep the people and forest safe from bandits.


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