Afrika: Our Hero without cape

Not all Heroes wears capes, Afrika was our Hero without cape, yet will forever be cherished.

Twenty three years ago today, five students of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, ile Ife, Osun state were brutally murderer.

Their death was the price paid for our freedom. Now, we can roam the campus freely, at any time.

We are free today, without disturbance or oppression from cultist, no killings on campus, all because of our fallen Heroes.

Although, their death was a huge blow on the community and their family, but it paved way for our freedom.

George Iwilade, popularly known as Afrika, was murdered in cold blood by cultists.

In the early morning of July 10th, Afrika was shot in the head and butchered with an axe, to make sure he is dead.

The incidence occured at Awolowo hall of residence. The perpetrators were clad in black trousers and black T-shirts, their faces hidden by masks; they carried and used shotguns and hatchets against students.

The then Students’ Union Secretary General, George Yemi Iwilade, (fondly called Afrika); 400 level medical student, Eviano Ekelemu; a graduating student, Yemi Ajiteru; 100-Level Philosophy student, Babatunde Oke, and Ekpede Godfrey were gunned down by the “cultist” in Blocks 5 and 8, Awolowo Hall.

Legacy, the suspended student Union was lucky to escape. But, Afrika, was not so lucky.

He was sleeping in his room, when the cultist entered and shot him in the head, then butchered him with an axe.

Afrika, our hero without cape, played an important role in the peace we enjoy now, as Students.

George Iwilade was the only successfully assassinated victim. “Afrika, who was said to have carried out the arrest (relating to the incident on Saturday, 7 March 1999), was mercilessly butchered while the other four were just unfortunate Victims.

Afrika, will forever be remembered, he was a courageous brother, a faithful comrade and a committed one. Today, we celebrate the five OAU Students killed without mercy, they will forever remain fresh in our memory

Afrika,my Afrika,

Afrika,of whom my ancestors speaks,

my fearless lost brother,

the law, who challenged the law,

whom in cold blood was butchered,

Afrika, the ever gallant Hero,

Who stood Strong in the face of adversity,

Though, I know thee not,

Yet, your legacy flows like water.

OAU 5, Is alive.

Always and forever.


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