About 600 inmates escaped from Kuje prison

Late on Tuesday, about 600 inmates escaped from kuje prison.

Seven vehicles belonging to the Nigerian correctional service was turned to ashes by explosives.

Also, suspected terrorists, Tuesday night, in Katsina State, ambushed the convoy of cars conveying the Presidency’s advance team of security guards and media officers. killing two policemen in the process.

The terrorists  also pulled down the wall, using explosives.

Kuje prison

About 300 of the inmates have been recaptured.

The air component of the Nigerian Police Force, the Armed Squad of the Nigerian Correctional Service, the military and vigilantes group are combing nearby bushes to recapture others.

The prison accommodates Boko Haram members, high profile convict including ex-governors and politicians, kidnappers and other criminals.

Kuje prison was established by the federal government in 1989.

There are tons of people awaiting trials in the prison, thus, leading to massive overcrowding.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior, Dr Shuaib Belgore, has said over 600 of the inmates escaped from kuje prison, when it was attacked.

“During the attack, the terrorists killed an operative of the Nigerian security and defence corps and security.

The forces on the ground did everything they could to repel them but the number they came with was high.

They kept on fighting gallantly unfortunately the breach happened.

Reinforcementcame when they were halfway through it. They were eventually repelled”.

In addition to his statement, he said At the time they came in they killed one NSCDC operative while trying to save the situation.

The inmates here are 994.

“We understand they are Boko Haram terrorists and came specifically came for their conspirators.

Many have been recaptured, some were retrieved from the bushes they were hiding.

It was also reported that some came back on their own.

Right now we have retrieved about 300 out of about 600 that got out of the jail.”


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