Africa women: Domestic Violence and Integrity

Africa women who are affected by domestic violence tends to stay and endure, all because of Integrity.

Domestic violence and integrity remains one of the most serious problems in the society.

It’s an issue that requires urgent solution.

Domestic violence can be described in various ways. It can be Emotions, verbal, sexual or even physical.

Also known as intimate partner violence, it is a pattern of behavior in any relationship.

It’s used to maintain or gain power over an intimate partner.

Domestic violence can be physical at times. It can involve throwing of sharp objects a one’s partner, turning a partner into a training bag.

Domestic Violence

It can also be sexual. Yes! Forcefully raping your partner amidst slaps, is also domestic violence.

Injuring your intimate partner without remorse is an abuse.

Domestic violence can happen to anyone of any race, age, religion or gender.
You can be violated as a young lady by your partner. Getting physical with you or forcefully having his way with you is an abuse.

It affects people of all backgrounds.

Low self esteem, fear and financial status can be causes of Domestic violence.

African women who are victims of domestic violence believes that integrity comes first.

Some, prefers to stay in their abusive marriage, rather than work away.

Why? They are concerned about what people will say. They are trying to lay a good example for their children, but I’m the process, unknowingly ruining their childrens lives.

A child that sees his father beating up his mother, over a trivial issues, will grow up to think it’s the right thing to do.

African women loves Enduring. Believing their partner will change for good, someday.

Some, even sees the frequent slaps from their partner,as a normal thing.

It’s time for African women to speak up and stop dying in silence. Silence that’ll ruin their lives and children.

How do you recognize domestic violence?

However, it’sasier for outsiders to notice traces of Domestic violence in families.

Thev vctims, hardly see this abuse as anything serious. He’ll change, they’ll say, continuously.

A relationship where one partner cusses at the other in public, without care.

Frequent hits, calling your partner abusive names, hitting, kicking or throwing of objects.

The effects of domestic violence on the victims are: low self esteem, psychological issues fear, it also results in homicide, as well.

The only solution to domestic violence is to run. If you’ve tried talking to your partner about it and still, no changes, please, run for your life.

Domestic violence kills.

Remember, every form of abuse Is wrong. Be it verbal, sexual, emotions, or physical, it’s bad.

And it kills, speak up today and save your self.


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