Celebration in the air as DCLM marks 1st Anniversary of Global Crusade with Kumuyi

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry cannot contain their joy as they celebrate their 1st year of the Global Crusade with Kumuyi (GCK). The Global Crusade with Kumuyi is a simple yet incredible ministry that started in the second half of the year 2021. The secret of the ministry is an open one which is the bountiful harvest of souls that is won at the end of each crusade.

Pastor W.F Kumuyi started this spiritual journey in June 2021 and has been taking the message of the gospel round the globe of Nigeria for the past 12 months. The Global Crusades has had so many prominent leaders in Nigeria in attendance.

The journey started with the global crusade themed “Divine Connection” which was held at the Federal Capital of Nigeria, Abuja, for a start. The global Chadian over 17,000 souls won the the Lord, and that was more than enough to fuel another crusade.

“Signs and Wonders for the Needy” was the theme of the July edition of the GCK which held at Calabar. Over 15,000 souls were recorded to have surrendered their life to Christ after the crusade.

The third global crusade took a new dimension as an international gospel music minister, Don Moen was invited to lead the congregation in worship throughout the days of the crusade, the tag of the crusade was “Divine Touch”  which held at Enugu at the end of the crusade a massive turnout of over 20,000 souls were led back to the cross.

Abuja was revisited by the “Divine Solution” crusade in the month of September with another guest gospel musician, Nathaniel Bassey. The crusade had a record of over 18,000 converts.

As the book of Ezekiel 24:36 pronounced “…there shall be showers of blessings.” Port Harcourt received its own portion of the showers as the “Showers of Blessing” global crusade held there in the month of October. Over there 16,000 people gave their lives to the Lord at the end of the crusade.

The train of the GCK moved to Akwa-Ibom in the month of November. The crusade was themed “The Wonders of the Cross.” William McDowell was the invited music minister who led in worship throughout the crusade, and as usual, over 5,000 people were won for Christ.

Indeed, beautiful are the feet of the gospel preachers. Year 2021 was capped with the “Mother of all global crusade” themed “The Great Mirage Explosion” which took place at the commercial capital of the country, Lagos state. The vibrant youths of the church had a walk for Jesus throughout Lagos to publicize the crusade, they shook the whole of Lagos with the news. It was truly the “Mother of all Crusades” as over 31,000 people got arrested by the Lord and were delivered from the shackles of sin.

One would think that the GCK was going the end in 2021, but it didn’t. January 2022 was specially mapped out for the victorious youths of this generation. Pastor W.F Kumuyi has always had the best interest of the future leaders of tomorrow in mind so “Impact 2022” was held for the youths at the Deeper Life International Christian Church. Great men and women like Ibukun Awosika, Dunsin Oyekan among others were invited to motivate the youths and over 3,000 youths began the new year with salvation.

“Total Freedom through Faith in Christ” was held at the latter part of January at Ibadan with Bob Fitts as the guest music minister.

“Supernatural Liberation through Christ” global crusade held at Jalingo with Panam Percy Paul as the guest music minister, over 27,000 souls were won.

March’s edition of the GCK held in Bayelsa state the global crusade was titled “Full Redemption through Christ” as Kirk Dearman led in worship.

April also held double crusades. The first was themed “Power for the Present Hour” whole the second was “Complete Dominion from Christ” which held at Abeokuta.

Presently, the 12th crusade tagged “Jesus’ Power for Extra-ordinary Breakthrough” is on. Jonathan White had been leading in soul-stirring worship songs. More souls are getting converted each day and miracles have been non-stop.

Obviously, the church has a lot to celebrate God for from the impact the crusades has had on the general public, God’s generals and great people over the globe.


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