Dr IBK Should Have Been Arrested By Now — Network

A one time aspirant of the Great Ife Students’ Union who ran for the office of the Public Relations Officer (PRO) in the last Students’ Union Election, Adedapo Taiwo Emmanuel popularly known as Network, has said that the former Students’ Union president, Ibukun Oyediran Oyekan who is otherwise known as DR. IBK, should have been arrested by the Students’ Union leaders by now.

He revealed this when he was expressing his displeasure about the fact that DR. IBK unlawfully withdrew money from the Great Ife Students’ Union account without the knowledge of the present executive members. Network said that the former president of the union who siphoned the money that belongs to the entirety of the union should be arrested and detained in order for him to reveal those that partnered with him to carry out such evil acts.

In his recent outbursts, Network also hinted that the major stronghold officers of the Union are also involved in the case. He said that Dr IBK will reveal those that collaborated with him to defraud the Union. “Third, what exact letter are they getting from the management? and what’s the “idán” (according to the leaked voice note)* they desire to use our union to “ró”, to the extent they were asking to use it in their local governments? Why didn’t they make any move to stop him since the leaked voice note clearly shows that they (the Presido Reform & Legbeti fin.sec) were informed or aware of Dr Ibk’s intent to defraud the union? If you noticed anything abnormal on your bank account, would you just go and sleep or if anyone walked up to you and say your money, the one you have in the account will be gone, would you stay still?

Who amongst the union central executive members went to UBA as the Union’s bank to inform them that somebody said he wants to wire money from the said union account? Instead, the President and Financial Secretary kept mute and allowed the deed to be done successfully. These among other things show the full conspiracy of all or some of the union leaders (executives) and there isn’t any way by which they could rewrite the narratives to claim ignorance and consent to the fraud. Permit me to buttress with the words of Plato which expresses that “silence means consent”. Indeed, president Reform & his financial secretary (Legbeti) are accomplices in the crime of fraud.

“Get the impeached Dr Ibk apprehended & he’ll mention the accomplices. The management can not cover this up.” Network concluded.


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