Biden stops importation of Russian Oil

The U.S President John Biden imposes a ban on the importation of oil from Russia. He announces this today, Tuesday 8th of March at the White House.
The ban includes; Russian oil, liquefied natural gas and coal.
According to an anonymous speaker, they made this decision in consultation with European allies who rely heavily on Russia than the United States.
Biden says “Russian oil will no longer be accepted at the U.S ports, that means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable at the U.S ports and the American people will deal another powerful blow to Putin’s war machine”
However, with this ban, Biden knows the Russian war will affect the price of oil in the U.S, he says; “Putin’s war is already hurting America families at the gas pump”.

“Since Putin began his millitary build -up at Ukraine borders, just since then, the price gas at the pump in America went up to 75 cents and with this action. It is going to go up further I’m going to do everything I can to minimize Putin’s price hike at home”
AMAC(The Association of Mature America’s Citizen) supports the imposition of ban on the importation of oil from Russia, “Thank you Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. for sponsoring legislation that stops sending U.S energy dollars to support Vladimir Putin’s Russian economy”.


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