Justice for assaulted student

Justice though delayed will not be denied. On Saturday, 5th March, 2022, justice was delivered for a student. A town-igboro driver assaulted the student on Wednesday,2nd March, 2022. An altercation occurred over transportation issues between the driver and the students in his bus. This happened as he was conveying them from Bank Area to AP. And the driver, due to the altercation decided to force the students to alight at Mayfair. Consequent to this behavior and attitude of his, a student took a picture of the bus’ plate number to report to the Great Ife Students’ Union government. The driver threatened the student to delete the picture but he declined and this lead to him punching the student thrice on the face.

The assaulted student reported immediately to the Students’ Union still hurting from the assault. Hence, the Union executives took immediate action based on the report and evidences collected from the student and conducted a search for the driver. They found out that he had absconded. The Union mandated for the driver’s association to provide him for punishment and justice.

The image of the bus’ plate number.

On Saturday, 5th March, 2022, the Driver’s association apprehended and surrendered him to the University’s security department. Here, punishment was meted out on the driver and his bus, with plate number DTN 868 XA (OSUN). Placed on him is a two weeks ban. For these two weeks, he can’t operate on campus. The ban starts on 6th March to 19th March, 2022. He is to pay a sum of ten thousand naira (#10,000) fine as medical fee for the assaulted student. Also, he is to tender a written letter of apology to the student in question.

The Great Ife Students’ Union PRO-elect, Comrade Tao released a circular to the students. In it, the Union thanks the University’s security department and the leadership of the driver’s association for their cooperation with them in ensuring that the assailant driver was brought to book. The security department and the driver’s association has absolved the Union of worries over the safety of their members at the hand of transporters by working with them to ensure that the assailant did not go unpunished. The Union sees the penalties as deterrents for all other transporters, motorcyclist and drivers alike, who may endanger their members. They vouched to always do their best at ensuring the members welfare and safety. The Union also encourage members to always draw their attention to any issue which may undermine their welfare and safety.


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