Sleep; Momma’s Call







Comes along with weariness,
After a long hard day of business,
To bring one to the subjection of weakness,
One may try to attack with yawns and stretches,
Yet it lands one in the state of drowsiness.

Surely nature cannot be tampered with,
To day is to toil as sleep is for the night,
For as the day breaks next,
The body experiences joyous and refreshing moments,
Only after work is rest sweet.

But then it comes with unrest atimes,
Not even a wink with all the wiles,
One may opt to count the stars on the sky,
Or just lay in bed and smile.







Now to the sleepy sluggard ,
How long will thou remain in thy slumbering stead,
Know you not that excess of everything is bad,
And can lead thee to days of bitter end,
Bed only when required.


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