“I’ll marry any man that sends me fuel”, Waje

Singer Waje as a result of the scarcity took to her Instagram page today and said, “I’ll marry any man that sends me fuel. Seriously”.

For the past weeks, things have been unimaginably hard for Nigerians due to fuel scarcity. Waiting at the filling stations under the scorching sun has been the ordeal of the day.

Frustrated singer, Waje, posted on her Instagram page, claiming to marry any man that sends her fuel. In her words, she said, “ for those asking for my hand in marriage, the most important item on the list is 100 litres of fuel. I can manage 50…., In short my family will accept 25litres”.

The issue of scarcity has been a great concern to Nigerians. Many have stopped going to work daily, transport fare has greatly increased, and price has doubled in stations.

People leave their various houses as early as 4am to filling stations to get fuel but end up spending hours without getting any.

In an unfortunate incidence that happened on Wednesday in an attempt to get fuel at Ibadan, ended badly.

Some guys fought themselves, in a video that went viral, to an extent of breaking bottles and injuring one of the guys.

Consequently, scarcity has caused hardship mostly to the poor citizens. Ranging from Inflation on food price to high transport fare, insecurity, and paralyzed businesses.

Fuel hoarding is one other effects, which increases the risks of fire accidents, poor power supply among others. Some have lost their lives to fire accidents as a result of hoarding.

The hardship faced by Nigerians this period is difficult to endure. Bodily stress from waking earlier than usual, and arriving home late, coupled with traffic is one of the effects.

The result of the scarcity made the singer, Waje to jokingly post that she’ll marry any man that sends her fuel.


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