Construction workers abducted

Few minutes past 3pm, two construction workers and others were abducted by Terrorists.The unfortunate incident happened along Lambata – Izom in Gurara local government area of Niger.

Buhari Umar, an eye witness, a commercial driver explained that the incident occurred this afternoon. At about some minutes past 3pm on Monday, motorists had to pack at a respectable distance.

Among the victims , were two construction workers abducted. They were beaten before being abducted by the bandits.

He further stated that motorists were forced to wait until the terrorists completed their evil deeds. They were also shooting to scare people.

Some had to hide in the bush for fear of  abduction or being killed.

“We were returning from Abuja when we noticed the unusual fleet of cars pulling over. Some were also trying to flee back to Abuja.

After making enquiries, we found out that bandits were operating. We had to run for safety into the bush after we heard gunshots. We had to hide for more than two hours before we continued our journey, ” he said.

The Police public relations officer, Wasiu Abiodun also confirmed the incident to be true.

The bandits were reported to have emerged from the forest and also escaped through the forest. When they were being faced by the men of the police force, they fled.

“Sadly, the number of people abducted cannot be ascertained, motorists are however assured of safety, as the road is now free.” Abiodun Said.

In addition, a day ago, in Niger, a terrorist attack on a church was reported.  Leading to the death of the pastor and seven others in Gidigori village. Seventeen people were sent to early graves in Niger state, on Saturday,too. Bandits in large numbers invaded lavun LGA, Niger state.


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