Ukraine : Nigerians Unwilling to Return

Geoffrey Onyema, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, revealed that some Nigerians in Ukraine who have been affected by the Russian invasion are unwilling to return to the nation.

The Minister made this known during the meeting, on Monday, with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila.

He made it known that some Nigerians have been able to find refuge in Neighbouring countries and Nigeria could start the evacuation of her citizens Wednesday.
According to ” Punch” he said, “We hope to start evacuation hopefully Wednesday although some do not want to come back. We are doing everything possible to ensure that come Wednesday we will dispatch planes for evaluation.”

The delegates from Nigeria are expected to travel to Ukraine on Wednesday.Planning to start the evacuation of over 8000 Nigerians living and studying in Ukraine.

According to “Nigerian Tribune,” the Minister said, ” “The latest we had was that since Monday will not be feasible, we have tentatively fixed for Wednesday…
“So essentially that’s where we are as at today, moving into that next phase of getting these people. Of course, some of them don’t want to come back to the country but the point is also that we’ve given a commitment to these transit countries that have given us timelines for the refugees to stay in their countries. So we also have an obligation to ensure that within that timeline that they come back.”

Geoffrey during the meeting, informed the Minister that Nigerians in surrounding countries are being taken care of while awaiting evacuation.

The Speaker also emphasised quick extraction of Nigerians. According to Daily Trust, he said: “One day is long enough for our brothers and sisters who are caught up in this crises. we can easily address this situation and get over with it.
“It is the moral thing to do. Therefore if there is anything the House can do to accelerate their (Nigerians) safe return”.


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