The Effects of Junks to the Body

We all want to have a good time and mostly we find it very lazy to cook so we opt for junk foods and voila we should know that these junk foods have their negative effects to the body. Journey with me as I bring to your attention some of the negative effects of junks to the body.
1) It leaves your skin in a bad condition.

In as much as we all want to munch on junks it is of importance for us to know that one of its many effects is that your skin will deteriorate. You have skin issues such as acne so it is better we reduce/control the intake or better still stop the intake.

2) You will be constipated.

Most junks do not contain high dietary fiber and this very dietary fiber plays a major role in digestive system (it ushers wastes out of the body). Fiber also helps in lowering cholesterol and keep blood level normal. Here we have another reason to reduce/stop the intake of junks.

3) You will starve nutritionally.

Since you take in more of junk food your body tend to lack the necessary nutrients it needs to function properly and this is because of the high calories in junks.

4) Decay of teeth (dental problem).

Frequent soda intake increases the amount of acid in the mount which eventually causes tooth decay and cavities and this is caused also by the intake of other junk foods.

5) Learning and memory problems.

You have it right there! High intake of fats and sugar tend to suppress the function of the brain and we all know the brain helps in learning and memory formation. It was confirmed by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition where it observed that junk food consumption leads to poor cognitive test result.


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