Russia Vs Ukraine: Check Out the Military Strength

More than fifty people have died in the recent attacks of Russians on the people of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has said that he was mainly trying to end the extremists residing in Ukraine in order to gain demilitarization. Military headquarters in Ukraine were firstly attacked across the cities in Ukraine and airports were fired by the Russians. Some hours before the invasion, Vladimir Putin had said that he would not continue not to feel safe and secure because of the threats coming from Ukraine.

Now that the two countries are at a war, Putin’s War as the Germans called it, there will be a need to check out the military strength of the two countries as the war progresses. In this article, we will check the number of forces that Russia and Ukraine have on standby and the ones that are reserved. The military strength of Russia and Ukraine are as follows.

When it comes to troops ( soldiers), Russia has a total of 2,900,000 with 900,000 active and 2 million reserved soldiers. Ukraine on the other hand has 200,000 active soldiers and 900,000 reserved. Conclusively, the Russians have over 1 million soldiers ahead of Ukrainians. Ukrainians have 98 aircraft and Russia can boast of 1,511.

Attack helicopters in Ukraine are only thirty-four while Russia has 544. Armoured tanks in Russia are 12,240 while Ukraine has 2,596. Military vehicles in Russia are 30, 122 while Ukraine has 12,303. Towed artillery in Ukraine is 2,040 while Russia has7,571. The military strength of Russia and Ukraine have been highlighted above.


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