Ofada Rice and Sauce Preparation

Ofada rice is the name of the rice varieties grown in south-western Nigeria.
They are mostly blends of other rice varieties and some of these are not indigenous to Africa; however, they usually also contain African rice.
This type of rice is called Unpolished rice as it is rice without genetic modification (in it’s natural state). It is also identified as brown rice and has a lot of health benefits than white rice.

Ofada rice is good for bone health as it contains essential minerals such as phosphorus, folate, magnesium and zinc.
It prevents constipation and boosts immunity and helps to fight diabetes.
Also,it contains a lot of antioxidants and lowers bad cholesterol levels, e.t.c.

Palm oil,
Red scotch bonnet pepper(Ata rodo),
Green bell pepper,
Locust beans (Iru),
Assorted meat,
Seasoning cubes,
Ofada rice,
Red Bell pepper a.k.a Tatashey,


Before cooking Ofada rice, remove the stones. Wash the sorted rice severally with clean water and place in a small pot.
Add some water just enough to cover the rice, parboil for 10 minutes and turn out into a clean bowl and wash with water and turn back into the pot. Add some salt and water boil till the rice softens.


Wash the assorted meat with clean water and dice into small bits, place in a medium sized pot.
Add the seasoning cubes, salt to taste, diced onion and water. Leave to cook till tender for
about 30 minutes and then set aside.
Wash the Red bell pepper, red scotch bonnet (Ata Rodo) and place in a blender, blend partly rough,
Pour the pepper puree in an empty pot and cook till all the liquid evaporates leaving the puree concentrated and set aside.
An empty medium sized pot, Heat the palm oil for about 10-13 minutes. This process is known as bleaching, bleaching is best done in a ventilated kitchen. Add the pepper puree and locust beans and stir fry for 5 minutes.
Add the assorted meat stock including the Assorted meat, crayfish. Taste to see if you need more salt, stir and cover the pot.
Turn down the heat and leave to simmer for about 15 minutes, then your Ofada rice with it’s sauce is ready.


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