Contrast in Amity


How different people from different spheres of life come together at certain points in life, learn from one another and become an important part of each other, it does not matter the differences in behavior and the way of living they do exhibit, still, they blend so well. The drama centers around three ladies:  Cynthia, Tomi and Tiana that gained admission into a prestigious university and just so you know they are all roommates. Go along with me as I unravel their journey as roommates and fortunately they are also course mates.

                                        INTRODUCTION TO CHARACTERS.

Tomi is from a good family, a family of scholars who only cares about books and nothing more.

Tiana is from a poor family, she loves to have fun and she cares less about her studies not minding the status of her family.

Cynthia is from an average family who is well balanced in her academic and social life.

                                                     ACT 1 SCENCE 1.

(Tomi got to the room first, she arranged her corner and laid on her bed reading a novel then Cynthia came in).

Cynthia: Hi! My name is Cynthia. I guess you’re my roommate. What’s your name?

Tomi: Heeeey! I’m Tomi. Its nice meeting you.

Cynthia: My pleasure. I think we will be three in this room, have you met the third person yet?

(Tiana enters the room)

Tiana: Yo! What’s poppin? My name is Christiana but you can call me Tiana

(Tomi and Cynthia stares surprisingly at Tiana)

Tomi: Hey! I’m Tomi.

Cynthia: I’m Cynthia. What course are you guys studying? As for me, I am a law student.

Tomi and Tiana: We are course mates (laughs)

Cynthia: Wow! That’s amazing.

Tomi: Yes yes. We will get to read together.

Tiana: Read kwa? I’m here to have fun and parrrrrrrry.

Cynthia: Yes girl, go girl …have fun. But we go dey read though.

Tiana: Abegiiiii

Tomi: Me I’m not into parties ooo my sole business here is to read and get a good degree and a good job.

Cynthia: May God help us all.

(The next day was a Monday and the first day of their faculty registration, so the three friends and roommates set out early so that they can get their registration done on time and they engaged in a conversation as they made their way to the Faculty of Law).

Tomi: I hope the registration will not be stressful sha.

Cynthia: Heard from a senior colleague that it will be and we will have to pay our dues and that is some money.

Tiana: My own is that we should get it done on time, heard there is a party tonight (she said happily).

Cynthia: Tiana, isn’t that too early?

Tiana: early bawo no time is too early to turn up.

(Tomi and Cynthia ignored her and their faculty was in view already and they got their registration done and they left for their hostel after meeting with some of their course mates).

Cynthia: God! I am so tired (she falls on her bed).

Tomi: Tired is an understatement. I am weak sef.

Tiana: I have to freshen up for the party (she dances happily).

(Cynthia rested and after a while got up to cook for Tomi and herself and Tiana left for the party already).



(The three friends and roommates progresses with their university journey and as expected Tiana go to classes once in a blue moon. The following conversation ensue amongst the three friends and Tomi and Cynthia tried to call their prodigal friend back on track about her school life).

Cynthia: Babe Tomi and I want to have a discussion with you.

Tiana: Okay I am all ears, eyes and mouth lol (she laughs).

Tomi: Tiana it is about the life you are leading, we want you to change (Cynthia cuts in)

Cynthia: It is not that you should stop partying oo but at least reduce it and our first-year examinations are fast approaching you should please read as well.

Tomi: It will not be nice for one of us to perform badly so before that happens babe biko read.

Tiana: Thank you so much for the advice babes it shows you have my best interest at heart and I promise to make amends, I will read for the exams butttt I will just reduce my partying during the examination period. (She hugs them).

(Tomi and Cynthia prepares diligently for their exams, Tiana prepares as well but not as diligent as her friends and boom examination came and gone and after the exams they all vacate the hostel for the first semester break but Tiana did not go to her parent’s house rather to a man’s house. The school resumes for second semester and the three friends already saw their first semester results during the break).

Tiana: My babe, happy resumption.

Tomi: Same babe. How is family?

Tiana: They are good and I did not see them during the break sef I was at Seun’s place and I had fun a lot of fun o. I will gist you girls later.

Cynthia: So, you mean you did not go home during the break? (she asked surprisingly).

Tiana: Home ke? That won’t fetch me money na.

Tomi: Wow but that is bad o. (she shakes her head and stares at Tiana disappointedly).

(Tiana changes the topic).

Tiana: En en how were you guys result? I had C in all my courses.

Tomi: I had A in 2 courses and B in 3 courses.

Cynthia: Had B in all 5 courses. Kudos to us.

(Second semester came and gone and they are now in their second year. They do not stay in the school hostel again but they decided to rent an apartment off campus and the three friends still stay together).

Cynthia: I missed you babes a lot and I pray our second year will be easy for us.

Tomi: Amen o and where is Tiana abeg. (Tiana comes in).

Tiana: Eyin omo mi, how naa? Hope we all enjoyed our break? I gats to go I have a welcome back party to attend. (She exits the room and Tomi and Cynthia stares at themselves dumbfoundedly).

(The two girls settled in and Tiana came back so late and the girls warned her about the lateness. Lectures started the day after resumption but Tiana makes a duty not to go to classes but was always with one man or the other and her friends are always worried about her then they decided to talk to her again about it and she promised to change but this time around there is no change and her party going attitude got worse, as expected she no longer sleep in the hostel).

Tomi: This second year no easy o and I heard third year hard pass this sef (she cups her face with her hands).

Cynthia: Babe, no lies and things are getting so tiring but we keep pushing meanwhile its been long we saw Tiana o.

Tomi: I tried her number yesterday sef but her phone was switched off I just hope she is okay (They both look worried about their dear friend).

(Suddenly, Tiana crawled in, upon seeing her they both rushed towards her to help her get up).

Tomi & Cynthia: Christiana, are you okay? (They questioned her in unison).

(Tiana opens her mouth to talk but she vomited and she was unable to talk and she fainted. Tomi and Cynthia quickly called for help and Tiana was rushed to the hospital).


Act 1 Scene 3.

(On getting to the hospital, the doctor attended to Tiana and she was diagnosed with severe malaria and she is 6 weeks pregnant. Her friends were surprised and astonished but they did not discuss the matter with her till she gets better and was discharged from the hospital).

Cynthia: Tiana welcome back and thank God you are better now but we seriously need to talk … (Tomi cuts in)

Tomi:  Serious talk, I really don’t know what is going on in that head of yours, how could you get pregnant? Do you not know there is something called protection?

(The friends talked to their friend but Tiana kept mute throughout. The next day was a Monday and Tomi and Cynthia went to class leaving Tiana in the hostel to rest. The students continued with their lives, their year 3 came and gone and we all guessed right Tiana previous experience did not make her change infact she got worse her friends got tired of talking to her also but they do assist her with prayers…. hoping for a miracle that will make her change). (The girls are now in their fourth year and Tiana already have a lot of carry overs but Tomi and Cynthia continued their university life diligently).

Tomi: So, we getting closer to the end of our university life and I can’t but thank God.

Cynthia: And I pray for his guidance for the rest of the journey.

Tiana: Girls I need help I have a lot of carry overs I don’t think I will be able to graduate with you …. What will I do? My parents won’t be happy with me… see I will do something about it.

Tomi: Why will you not have carry overs? We all know that you were not serious with your education.

Cynthia: Well said Tomi…

Tomi: I know right.

Tiana: Seriously? I thought you girls should help me find a way to pass these exams (she kisses her teeth).

Cynthia: A way like doing the exam for you or what cause definitely you no dey read.

Tomi: Abi o

(That night, Tiana went for a party and the police came to the party to make arrest and while Tiana was trying to escape she was gun down and she did not survive it. Tomi and Cynthia are seen weeping profusely, it is obvious that they have gotten the news of the death of their friend Tiana).

Cynthia: And we warned this girl enough, imagine the agony her parents will be passing through now.

Tomi: Was it not yesterday we were discussing about her carryovers? God this is so painful.

(The girls continue with their life but every now and then they remember Tiana infact at some point life got boring without her. Months later her parents came to the hostel to get her things and that period was a moment of fresh tears for Tiana’s parents and the girls).

Tomi: Babe I think we should pack out of this hostel I think of Tiana all the time here. It is as if she is still here.

Cynthia: I have been thinking of that also, the girl was a great part of us. We should pack out once our rent due.

(School continue as usual and the girls are now in their final year).


                                                                         ACT 1 SCENE 4.
(It is the girl’s fifth and final year, life goes on as usual after the death Tiana but their memories with Tiana lingers on. Classes started as normal and Tomi and Cynthia moved out of the hostel they stayed before Tiana’s death).
Cynthia: The lecture today was tiring o, 3 hours class omoo
Tomi: No lies, it was and the lecturer was just so boring. Yep babe what’s up with you and your guy na (she was asking of Cynthia’s boyfriend)
Cynthia: He dey na, he said we should follow him to a birthday party sef. Are you in?
Tomi: I should, hope it is not a night party?
Cynthia: It is not.
Tomi: Okay then. I am in. (Cynthia hugged her friend happily).
(They went to the party and as we know it was not an overnight party. It is finally months to the girl’s graduation and they are so happy and glad).
Tomi: Our final exam is around the corner, you know we have to prepare well.
Cynthia: Sure, we cannot give in to failure. God will help us babe.
Tomi: Should we go for overnight on campus or we should read in the room here?
Cynthia: We should probably go to campus.
(Examination came and the girls prepared very well, they wrote the final exam and boom it was their last days in the university. They used the last days for their final year week; they had their jersey day, custom day, sign out day. They are already done with their project and finally they had to say goodbye).
Cynthia: I will seriously miss you Tomi.
Tomi:  Will surely miss you too and we will still see during convocation.
Cynthia: Yes we will and it was so nice doing the university life with you…. I love you so much.
Tomi: I love you so much too. (the expression on their face changed as they remember their late friend, Tiana)
Tomi and Cynthia: May she continue to rest in peace, amen.
(The girls promised to be in contact and a year after they came for their convocation and the girls were so glad to see each other. They the went to serve and as lawyers they went to law school).

(After their graduation, the girls stay in contact with each other and years after, they decided to meet in person so that they will catch up).

Cynthia: Woooooow! You are looking good dear…. I miss you… (they hugged themselves)
Tomi: Wooow Cynthia. It’s been a while… you know I now work at Banwo & Igbodalo’s Law Firm and I get paid well. What about you?
Cynthia: Cravat, Swaine and Moore LLP in the United State of America is treating me well as well. I had to tell us to meet because I came for my sister’s wedding. And are you hearing from Tiana’s family? (she asked sadly). I hope she rests in perfect peace.
Tomi: Amen!!! But wait how did you do it, I was obviously better than you in school and I had better grades than you.
Cynthia: Going to school is not just about books, though that is your main concern but you have to build your social life meanwhile it should not be too much so that one will not end up like Tiana then meet new people you never know who can help you in the future.


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