Awake, My Love

Leave me not my darling,is all I cry,
as I feel the numbness of your body
I sense shivers down my spine
at the sight of your fading smile
like the green leaf wilts so does your fingers
as the sun sets does your sparkling eyes
my head shatters like a broken glass
as your soul departs from its cage
Oh! how my heart mourns your absence
My bowels yearns your presence
Why do choose now to exit?

I saw the world through your eyes
Every thoughts of worry ceases at your presence
I sailed life with your paddle
Anxiety goes on strike with you around me
The earth seems jealous of our tight bond
As nights and bats work together
So does my soul and your soul
In my overwhelming periods, your tender hands stays fit to cuddle me till infinity
You adore me with your heart and all you got
What will I do without you?

The burden exceeds to bear
Come to my aid my dear
I am exposed to the cruelty of the world
Cover me up my lord
Sadness overwhelms my soul to destroy
Show your face my joy
My hands grow frail as the day goes by
Memories of our escapades together makes my heart churn and long for you
Life gets dimmer day by day without you
Awake, my love.


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