My Unforgettable Fling

My fling with Ade is an unforgettable experience. The price was greater than my capability. He impregnated me – I lost it after three months -, then disappeared. The peak was the breakage of my marriage. After my act had been uncovered and was at the same time pregnant, my husband could not stand my presence.

He was irritated at seeing me. Started keeping late night. Every action was not pleasing enough. He made me cry everyday and soon I became depressed. Refusing to see how he ignored to love me and rather had loved work pushed me. A month after my miscarriage, we divorced.After this experience, I built a strong wall around myself, promising myself to no longer fall in love. I recovered from depression and started hitting the gym since I was already getting out of shape.

Three month into hitting the gym,I was back in shape and different men, old and young, tried to hit on me.

On this particular day, I remember clearly, a Saturday, I had seen the man at the right corner of the gym. He was Ebony and handsome, with a chiseled body and beautiful beards. As I was starting, he suddenly turned his face and our eyes locked, which I quickly broke before it turns wierd. After that, all continued their business in the gym.

I was almost through with my workout for the day, I was doing the ” kettlebell swings ” when I saw him come my direction. I already assumed ” he is trying to hit on me like the other men.” He exuded confidence as he sauntered to where I was doing my workout. To my surprise, he ignored me , walked past me and walked up to my trainer. They started talking and laughing to gists I didn’t bother listening to. After I was through I went to meet my trainer to have a wrap up for that day’s session. I spoke to my trainer. Before I could to leave, the other guy spoke to me with a smile on his face.

” Hello, you did not keep my gaze the other time?,” He said
” I replied, ” nothing”
” Anyway,” he continued ” my name is Ayo. You’re?”
” Grace,” I replied.
” Nice meeting you,” he followed up
” Nice meeting you too,” I responded.

At the back of my mind, I already grouped him as one of those men trying to hit on me.
Through the next week, I didn’t see Ayo any where in the gym until three weeks after our last meeting. I had just finished for the day and was about leaving. As I got to the entrance to the gym, about going out, he was coming; instinctively he paused allowing me come out. When I got out, he greeted me and I greeted him back. We chatted back and forth for few minutes before we bade each other goodbye. As months passed by, we escalated our relationship. Moments with Ayo was different from my past experiences with men, especially Ade and my ex-husband. He knew how to treat women the right way. Every moment felt like he knew my mind at the moment.

It felt magical. Each day a new phase. Although my scepticism of men was still there, but each day brought us closer and my defence were slowly crumbling.
The straw that finally broke the camel’s back was a rainy day. Earlier that day, the sun had shine in the sky like any other day, but suddenly the clouds darkened and strong winds started bowing. Immediately the wind receded, the skies gave was to a very strong downpour which fell for one hour and half nonstop before it began to abate. Ayo’s home was closer to the gym, so he offered I stay in his place till the rain stops.

” Grace let’s go to my place, and you can wait there till the rain finally stops and you go home,” Ayo asked.
” Sure that will be better,” I replied.
Although deep down, a part of me didn’t want to leave the gym till the rain finally stop, but that wasn’t my first time of going to his place, so I went anyway
When we got to his home, we entered the sitting room where I sat on a sofa. He asked me if will like coffee or tea. I opted for coffee. He went into the kitchen and came back later with a cup of hot coffee. I was seated folded on his sofa. The coffee helped relax my nerves.
In the past he had made moves, each time he met an impregnable defence. But not today.

Sitting on the sofa, we were facing each other, when he kissed me. This time, I didn’t resist. I kissed him back. We were both consumed by list. It was a kissing spree. From lips, his mouth explored my neck, traveling to the left side and planted kisses lightly. He moved upward and prodded my earlobe setting sensuous fire all over my body. He caressed and fondled my body, and we had sex that day. My defence gone.
This day marked the beginning of another sexual experience.

The next day, I stayed away from him. Angry at myself that I allowed another man get very intimate with me. This continued for two weeks until approached me again :
” Grace why have you suddenly started staying away from me?” He asked.
” I just need some time to myself,” I replied
” Really!” He retorted. ” Is it because of what happened at my place the other day?”
” No,” I replied, ” I just need time to myself.”
With this, he stormed off annoyed. Immediately, I felt sorry and decided to go to him to apologise. When I got to his place that evening, I apologised. One thing led to another and we had sex again. From that day on, we had sex almost every time. New rhythms everyday.

I remember when we had sex in the car and a vigilante saw us or another time we had a quickie in a restaurant toilet. This continued till the day he broke my heart.
That afternoon, I had decided to visit without informing him about my coming. As I opened the door, I saw a lady’s shoe on the sitting room floor. Confused, I walked towards his room.but as I got closer, I heard another lady and Ayo making intense sounds. Immediately, I fling the door open only to see another lady riding Ayo. I immediately slammed the door and ran out of his home. He kept trying to apologise but I have shut him out. He had meant the world to me. Now I’m back to being single. Once again sceptical of men.


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