GreatIfeDecides’24: A Voter’s Guide To Choosing the Best CEC Candidates

As the Central Executive Council (CEC) election commences today, every voter must make informed decisions. Voting is not just a right, it’s a responsibility that shapes the future of the Great Ife student union and its ability to advocate effectively on behalf of the student body.

Here are some key points to consider when choosing the right candidates

1. Understand the Roles and Responsibilities

Each position in the Central Executive Council (CEC) comes with specific duties and responsibilities. You should be familiar with the roles of the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Financial Secretary and other positions. This understanding will help you see if the candidates have the necessary skills and experience.

2. Research the candidates

Take your time to learn about each candidate. Review their manifestos, attend debates and follow their campaigns. Also, look into their past achievements, leadership experience and involvement in student activities.

3. Assess Their Vision and Plans

Examine the candidates’ plans for the future. Do their visions align with your values and the needs of the student body? Are their proposals realistic and achievable?

Look for candidates that has a clear offer, well-thought-out plans to address pressing issues likes accommodation, transportation, academic support etc.

4. Evaluate Their Integrity and Character

Integrity is important in leadership. Consider candidates character and ethical standards. Are they honest, transparent and accountable.

5. Prioritize Inclusivity and Representation

A good leader should represent and include all students, regardless of their background or affiliation. Search for candidates that promote inclusivity and are committed to representing diverse voices within the student community. This ensures that all students feel seen and heard in the decision-making process.

6. Consider Their Communication Skills

Effective communication is vital for any leader. The ability to listen to concerns, articulate policies clearly and engage with the student body is essential. Evaluate how well the candidates communicate their ideas and interact with students during the campaign.

7. Think Long-Term

While immediate issues are important, consider the long term impact of your vote. The decisions made by the CEC will affect students as well as current ones. Choose candidates who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable development and long-term planning.

8. Engage in the Voting Process

Finally, ensure to participate in the voting process. Your vote is your voice and it is essential to exercise this right. Encourage your peers to vote as well, ensuring a high turnout that reflects the collective will of the student body.

Overall, choosing the best candidates in the Great Ife CEC election is an important step toward ensuring effective and a prosperous future for our student union. By following these guidelines, you can make am informed decision that contributes to the betterment of our university community.





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