Nigeria: Bag of Rice Drops from 84k to 60k

The news about the recent reduction in the price of rice in Nigeria from eighty-four thousand naira to sixty thousand naira has sparked several comments across several social media platforms.


However, with many comments under the post by an X user, MS Ingawa, it is evident that the price increase of rice never affected Northern Nigeria like it did in other regions.

A comment on X (formerly Twitter) by a handle, @SanusiDanata, under the post of MS Ingawa noted that “it was never as high as 80k + in Kano. I bought it two weeks ago for 65k. Today, it’s 62-63k. So I won’t call that a reduction. We hope and pray that it comes down and becomes more affordable to the masses”

Currently, various people claim that the price of a bag of rice has gradually reduced from eighty-four thousand naira to the range of sixty to sixty-five thousand naira in their different locations. Although full of excitement over the current news, many Nigerians are still sceptical about the reduction in price.

This reduction has brought smiles to the face of many Nigerians, as this will increase their capability to purchase rice.


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