ASSEES ADAN 4.0 – A Night of Recognition In Retro Style

The Director of Socials for Association of Education and English Students (ASSEES), Adekola Afeez Oluwakorede, has disclosed what members of the public should expect of the fourth edition of the annual dinner and award event, ADAN, that comes up soon. While fielding questions from Infocus correspondents. 

This is the exclusive interview session:


INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: We understand that you are the Director of Socials for ASSEES and the person in charge of ADAN. For the sake of our readers, can we meet you?

ASSEES D.O.S: My name is Adekola Afeez Oluwakorede, a part 2 student of English Education, in Obafemi Awolowo University. 

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: What exactly does ADAN mean, sir?

ASSEES D.O.S: ADAN in short means “ASSEES Dinner and Award Night”.   This is a party and a congregation that celebrates the students of English Education at large from Part 1 to Part 4, and other people can come around to felicitate with us as well. 

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Can you tell us a little about it?

ASSEES D.O.S: As earlier said that it is a party that celebrates the Association of English Education students from part 1 to 4, it’s also a party that fosters good relationships among the students at large, to share and spread love among one another. It is also an award night where we appreciate people that have been voted and honorarily picked, with an award based on their excellence, attitude and looks, and loyalty.

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Being the fourth edition, what new things are you bringing to the table this year? What should members of the public expect?

ASSEES D.O.S:  As the name implies, “Retro”. We are ticking back the clock, and going back to what our heritage is. We are bringing back our lost styles, heritage, and happiness. We want the public to see that the long lost heritage can still be restored with love. We also want them to know that the relationship that the levels lack from part 1 to 4, can also be restored. A lot should be expected, and it is not everything I can say here, just watch out.

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Could you please enlighten the public on the modes of payment and ticket prices?

ASSEES D.O.S: We have elected a member each from part 1 to part 4; and this member should be paid to. And for the outsiders, they should pay to the PRO of the unit, as she is the one we elected for outsiders payment. The payment is: 3000 naira for regular; 10k for table for 2; 20k for table for 4; 30k for table for 6.

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: With this, it means the tickets are not only  restricted to only Asseesites?

ASSEES D.O.S: Yes sir, non-asseesites are welcome as well. As you all know, we are a unit that spreads love around. 

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: A huge event like this cannot but come with challenges. Are there any challenges the ADAN committee has been confronted with so far?

ASSEES D.O.S: The challenge we are facing are the issues of sponsors; and as we all know, money is the key to an event.

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Who are those we should be expecting in speaking of invited guests, including the invited artists like comedians and others.

ASSEES D.O.S: This is an inner circle deliberation, and not for the public to know for now. Once the time reaches, the public will know. But for now, there is nothing to say on it. 

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Also, do we have a fixed venue for the event yet?

ASSEES D.O.S: Not yet.

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Finally, sir, what is your ultimate aim for ADAN 4.0?

ASSEES D.O.S: Love and Light.

INFOCUS CORRESPONDENT: Okay, thank you so much for your time, sir. 


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