Naira Respect: 9 Actions That Can Lead to Legal Issues

Recently, the popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky just learned the hard way that disrespecting the naira comes with a huge price tag – six months in jail. 

It is important to understand the legal issues of disrespecting naira notes. 

Here are nine actions that can lead to legal issues for disrespecting naira: 

1. Spraying: It is illegal for you to spray banknotes at any event.

2. Writing: It is prohibited to write on banknotes. 

3. Stapling: It is against the law for you to staple banknotes because it cause corrosion. 

4. Tearing: Also, it is illegal to tear banknotes. 

5. Dancing or Stamping: This is strictly prohibited to dance or stamp on naira notes because it can easily deface them. 

6. Selling: Selling currency banknotes is illegal. 

7. Mutilation: It is a punishable offense when you tamper with naira notes. 

8. Rejecting the Naira: According to the law in Section 20, Subsection 5 it is prohibited to reject naira.  

9. Money Bouquets: When you create money Bouquets it is identified as kind of naira abuse, as identified by CBN in February 2023. 

These regulations are also among of the Clean Notes Policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria in other to maintain the visual appeal and durability if our banknotes. Also, it is so important to adhere to these guidelines to avoid legal consequences. Remember, ignorance if the law is not an excuse. 


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