Prioritize The Security Of Your Belonging: Awo Hall Executives Charged Occupants 

The Obafemi Awolowo Hall Of Residence has charged the occupants of the hall to be vigilance and proactive measure towards their security.

In a Press Statement made available to Infocus News Agency, the Executive council of the hall revealed to the occupants of the hall of the recent occurrences within the hall that demand the collective vigilance and proactive measure of every one in the hall.

According to the statement, there has been three records of stolen phones in the Hall of Residence and another incident which involves the theft of a bag of foodstuff. The victims of the stolen phones reported that their phones were stolen while charging as they sleep. However, one phone has been recovered and investigation are ongoing to retrieve the remaining ones.

Due to this distressing incidents, occupants of the hall were earnestly implored to prioritize the security of their belongings. As it is crucial to take necessary precautions, such as ensuring doors are securely locked, especially during the late hours.

Consequently, the Hall Executives and Security Committee(unratified) will enforce regular security patrols within the hall premises to thwart any recurrence of such unfortunate events.

As at Press Time, every effort to reach out to the Hall Executives Council of the Obafemi Awolowo Hall Of Residence proved abortive.


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